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H&K Picture Thread

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Very nice! :o:P

But serious, where have you bought it?



Got it used from a guy on the local forums. He had it up for quite a while and I was really fighting the urge but I gave in


Kind of neat but I won't be taking it to a skirmish unless I can come up with an UZI and someone sets up 80s Northern Europe themed game.


Feels like my Marushin Five-seveN when I fire it.

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My little TM P7M13 springer, a £7 bargain from Battle Orders, a great set of trades on this model, very impressive.






These two pictures show the extra safety provided by having to squeeze the front of the grip in order for it to fire. THis is in addition to the very small safety at the rear of the gun, just below the slide, very tricky to manipulate and so I generally keep it on and rely on the grip safety.







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Cheapsoft SRC XM8 and twin USPs with M3 taclights:




Bought these on a whim because they were a good deal from WGC and I was ordering anyway. Initially, I only got one USP, the colours seemed to match on the site (they're not quite right in my pic) and I thought they'd make nice display items. When they arrived the USP impressed me so much that I ordered another one and got the taclights for them both, they become my standard sidearms. The SRC XM8 performs brilliantly out of the box and has never let me down at a game, unlike my ludicrously expensive and upgraded Project AUG, so it tends to come along as my reserve AEG for when (not if) the AUG craps out.

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