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H&K Picture Thread

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Hedgy give the guy a break, loads of real steel and airsoft guys use the term 'forearm'. You knew what he was on about so clearly its a useable term. You can call it loads of things, foreguard, front grip, forearm, handguard, handgrip, foregrip.


Besides, it makes sense since weapons are 'arms'.


EDIT: Since I am here, heres my MSG90-ish G3. Thanks go to Joker for the stock, which is awesome.




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The handguard was fairly easy to fit - I had to saw the semi-circular protrusion off of the back, so it sat flush with the reciver, then remove some of the barrel support. the handguard is rigid enough it supports it in it's place. A fair amount of force later and the handgaurd is on, making the whole front-end rock solid.


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What the....?


Just what is it with airsofters and inability to name weapon parts correctly?


A "forearm" is part of your body. A "foregrip" is part of a rifle...


I hope you didnt lose sleep over it, on our side of the pond the words are interchangable, didnt mean to rub into your expertise

Thanks for the info mikoyan, i hope my PDI chamber block doesnt make doing the same too hard for me :(

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the upper for my VFC 416. im working on the GB right now, getting it ready for a CQB game, and installing new wiring. the G&P ACOG just came in today, so i thought id snap a few pics, even though the lower is in pieces.



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Just got the KSC H&K MP7A1 few days, now have chance to put some accessories on it.


Hope you guys enjoy the pics. Since it will be only use for indoor games, so simple set up is Zeiss Z-point with Surefire M600A Scout light and M76 swivel mount.





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Makes me wonder why the hell the regular USP doesn't.


Just a variant of a gun. H&K have got 8 of whem.


UP: KSC\KWA did their Tactical with ambidextrous controls (S7).










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Looks like it would fit in the holsters I use, it doesn't really add that much to the profile. Unfortunately, since my holsters are cheapy no-name ones, I can't get more or tell you where to get them from.



Does anyone produce ambi-controls as spares, that would fit the regular USP? I'd really like to have safeties on both sides, it would make it a bit easier to dual-wield.

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