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H&K Picture Thread

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Just got the first line gun kit finished.

Quite K.I.S.S. IMHO.


A USP.45 Tactical with spare mags, a IT-M6X and Knights silencer.

... oh, yes, it's Tactical Floreplates on all the mags. ;)


And a small family photo: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/773/mp7a1012.jpg

With the newest addition to the my small arms collection.

Have to get more 4.6mm mags... :unsure:

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Was the KISS part sarcastic? Because you have a lot of stuff there

:unsure: I'm trying to convince my self that I only have the most practical, basic lineup.

But yes, it may be a little less KISS, then a raw G19... I know.


But it is way more fun then a G19... all though it still only shoots 6mm BB's and have the same HopUp system as the G19.

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Any chance of some pics of the USP without that flash hider?

Just got these, as of now.

mp7a1013.th.jpg mp7a1014.th.jpg

Anything special you would like to see ?


Normaly I carry it with just the thread protector, as the "Flashider" makes the gun longer, and as it being airsoft I don't need the counter rotating effect of the vortex.

Also my custom bladetech thigh rig do not accommodate the big flashider. Bladetec makes nice stuff if you ask them to... ;)

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Gotta love the MP7. What sort of range does it have?


The Mp7A1 from KSC shoots around 102-105m/s with 0.2g on GreenGas at 20C this makes it just perfect for CQB.

The range is like any other KSC pistol at the same power level. A tweaked TMP is approx. the same, just this one is 20rps.


Non UK info:

It is possible to tweak the KSC Mp7A1 to 101m/s w. 0.3g upping the power output by approx. 50% by just changing one part in the gas system.

So this gun is both nice in CQB, and it can hold its ground in the open.


The price is a bit steep at the moment though.

The "Taiwan" version is due to hit the marked soon, cutting 100$ of the price.

Only difference is the lack of full trades.



hey duckling how did you get extended floorplates for all the mags? are they HK floorplates modded?

I convinched Den.T to get them from KSC.

It took them 3 months to get them, but it is a nice touch to the "Tactical" model.

Right now they are actually in stock on Den.T as they were smart enough to order more then I needed. ;)



What make is the USP, Duckling? I've always been tempted but I've never really looked into the USP GBBs that much.

Mine is a KSC "Japan Ver." (System 7)

The only USP maker that you ought to consider is KSC/KWA.

The mecanics of the triggersystem is beautifully replicated and the overall finish is as good as you are gona get it on "toys".

Today you can get KSC "Taiwan Ver." USPs that comes with pre installed magnesium slides, quit cheap and they are quite nice.


Though... do you want the "real" feel and look, you have to get the ShootersDesign slide and barrel kits for them.

They are 100% CNC cut from a solid blok of 6061 aluminium, and then treated by hard-Anodizing.

They feel just right, and all Trademarks is cut ½mm deep into the surface, not just printed or scratched in paint.


The only other GasBlowBack USP versions out there, is from KJ and TK.

... ant they both stink. Bad Gassystem, pure details, bad quality.

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My HK416 with STAR AW338.



HK416 only.



The UBR Stock probably holds a Petzl TacTikka.



KSC USP Tactical.




USPT and Hk416.



Sorry for the small pictures, I have a problem with my photbucket account right now. The Hk416 is a stock VFC, with next upgrade madbull shark hopup rubber and 6.03mm barrel. The Magpuls fit nicely in the AEG and are very ergonomic. The flashlight is a GP800 with 200lm and 3 modes (hi-dim, lo-dim, strobe). Little lolve runs on a 11.1V LiPo battery and no maintenance. :D

The USP Tactical is not a System 7. Old KSC system with Shooters Design slide and 16mm barrel. Real Meprolight USP Tactical sights and still not installed correct. :P

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