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It was made by a Member of our German Forum http://www.6millimeter.info


Guy is named ChinToka



It does not work - German law prohibits functioning lights being mounted on weapons






He is doing a second run, in case anyone is interested. My nick is the same in the Forum, if anyone need translation, contact me there via PM





To Admin: If no links wanted here, please delete this post. I have nothing to do with the production run, I am Admin of the Forum. Thanks

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Yes it is a Genereation 3 and it's brilliant! I love it. The only odd thing is that every external screw needed to be tightened. Aside from that it shoots very nicely, great feel and sound. Not whiny and very positive feeling.

My one gripe is the limited battery space in the handguard. But hell, maybe I need to put some rails on it and get a PEQ box.

There is, I guess, one more gripe, but it's just personal preference. I use single point slings on all my rifles and the rear sling point on the XM8 is in a less-than-stellar location as you can see in the picture where the sling is attached. I'll get used to it though :)

All in all I'm very very happy with it. I am going to buy myself an EOTech 551 (or replica) to replace the scope, I'm not really one for magnification.

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My new ARES G36 with self-made LLM01 :)




The EBB is great, but nothing compared to the TM KA2

Built to be an A2 with the RSA instead of the HKV.

S-E-F markings, the "A2" and "Bw" lettering will be added in time.

The carrying handle is the one from the TM KA2.


Hope you enjoy it :D

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Isn't the LLM supposed to mount on the side of the carrying handle? At least, that's what the info I've seen said.


What red-dot is that?



It looks alot like the Zeiss Z-Point ( Or the ARES S-Point) With the rubber scope cover, but I have no idea where you get those covers from.

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I got my rubber-cover a few years back and was one of the first. Couple of weeks ago someone made a centralised order of those covers. If you want i can ask him if he'll make another order.

Unfortunately it is only the S-Point made by STAR not ARES.



The side mount is relatively old and is not the only way to mount the LLM01. I've got the mount but not the plastic plate, but i've designed one an will have it in a couple of weeks. All sef-made of course.


The saddest thing about the new ARES is, that you have problems mounting the AG36... it hasn't worked for me yet :'(

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