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H&K Picture Thread

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Yeah, but that's just a not-too-subtle way to avoid being sued, right? Everyone knows it's a UMP replica... Don't they? :unsure:


There are also some differences between the replica and the real steel versions. Otherwise I don't think H&K (Or more likely umarex) cares, can do/want to do anything as long as G&G do not use real trademarks. Since the devil walks on Earth again under the name of umarex I do not take the lack of trademarks as a negative. And the G&G trades really nicely resemble the H&K ones.

I suppose G&G does not use real trademarks on general to have less problems/expenses when exporting their products to the USA.


To be honest, I do not really care trademarks anyway. An airsoft gun should remain what it is, an airsoft gun.;)

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