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H&K Picture Thread

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My SRC XM8 Gen3, have since switched the flashhider for a regular SRC one. Needs the z-ISM V replica.




Here's a short video I made of it



And this is my unfinished XM8 DMR project, still missing the SRC upper, pictured is the AGM one :/ Stock and handguard is also from the AGM MP006 (Long XM8) and will be sprayed black, the stock actually feels higher quality than the SRC.



List of the SRC parts I bought for it (got the wrong colored upper though)

SG36-02 Metal Hop Up Chamber

SG36-05 Metal Cocking Lever

SG36-06 Selector

SG36-07 Outer Barrel Base

SG36-09 Trigger set

SG36-32 G36 Dummy Bolt

SG36-33 XM8 Metal Magazine Release Button

SG36-35 Upper Receiver Set

SG36-36 Lower Receiver Set

SG36-37 Carrying Handle

SG36-40 XM8 Grip Rubber

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