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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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If you want your AKMS to turn out nice and your going to still use that front end for your AKMS, might I suggest the following.


For your FSB [Front Sight Block] you need to cut it at an angle, REALLY close to 90 but make it as slanted as possible. you should be able to just saw and do it then bondo it up with plastic or something to cover it on the back. If done right, it will make you AK FSB slimmer and give it the true look.


Then for you Gas Block you can just use a file and cut it from a vertical one opposite it's 45 slant, to a 45 slant one just by filing.


Then you should also bondo up the holes in the gas tube for the non vented type.


Hope your project goes well!

Thanks for the advice, ill probably just buy an akm sightblock off RMW (lazy)

not sure what you meant about the angle of the gasblock, but what holes?

there are nolonger holes in the gasblock ;) one thing i DID know :)

I was unaware the angle was differnt :(

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wootz, redid my piece of Q@#$@#$! acme handguards from this:



to this:



got rid of the retarded bulge on the sides and behind the vertical grip, sanded down using the ino AIMS grip and pictures as a template, then dyed it w/ 5 coats of minwax red mahogany and applied 5 coats of varnish. Its a bit red, but i like it.......

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Mrblah thats actually the only acm AIMS i like, great job m8 :D

Is it RMW reciver kit?

its the DM kit. The receiver is nicer and thicker than inokatsu/rmw, but everything else that came with the kit is garbage when compared to the ino/rmw kit. I think i spent about a week sanding, finishing, filing, weathering, blah blah blah, to get it so it doesn't look like acme ######.


The previous pictures was a mix of inokatsu and DM parts, but since i'm jobless/unemployed/with too much time on my hands, i'm trying to sell off the inokatsu parts, and fix the DM parts so its up to par with inokatsu's finish or at least until it doesnt scream acme.


thanks guys for the compliments.

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