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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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######. Grim, you bada$$! Never seen a pic more badass than that. Except for the hat...

Hehe thx :)

Just got a new Tan cap yesterday will get some pix when i get my team patch on it :)


Edit: Another pic of the back side where i keep my real steel AK47 mags ^^



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Great idea you have removing the siderail ;) Are you planning to install real soviet wood furnitures ? That will do justice to you AKSU ! :)


I will if i can get some cheap, if not i may get some Inok and damage it a little (something i could never bear to do to real ;) ) Nice AK by the way :)

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The evolution of my AIMamajigger (yes, it's a technical term)








And now (almost full circle...), this:






I decided I like my AKs better when they look like they got run over by a truck and thrown around a good deal.

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Kalash AKS74 with real steel front foregrip. Chrono'd at 330 FPS and fitted with a 6.04 inner barrel.




Kalash AKS74 with real steel plum foregrip and VFC pistol grip. Chrono'd at 330 FPS and fitted with 6.04 inner barrel




Inokatsu AKMS fitted with real steel foregrip furniture and a CYMA gearbox inside. the pistol grip is an elements brick red one.




the ever growing collection

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I feel stupid for posting after such a great collection like that one of mightyjebus, but here goes :P

My Kalash AKS74U, with VFC wood. I've good some real bulgarian wood underway, but I doubt it'll look better than the VFC wood. And yeah, the crappy pk-a doesn't fit. I guess I'll have to buy me another ak now to mount my pk-a on :/



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Nice j3t, you just need to buy a new mount for your pk-a you can get them from here




I bought one for my old posp ages ago, just need to unscrew the bolt on the back of the mount. Then unscrew the 4 screws on the front of the mount and tap it with a hammer/mallet to get it off.

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J3T I didn't feel like messing with spacer mounts and such for my Kobra, so what I did was remove the rear site, and dremel down the rear of it a bit so it would slide all the way on. I then gorilla glued it back onto the receiver, with some rivets glued into the holes for some extra support and for looks.



Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd now that I typed that out I realize it will in no way help you with a PK-A......sorry I'm not the brighteest :) Hopefully the info I just posted can help other Kobra users though, especially those with Dboys AKSUs.

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Nice as allways jebus!


J3T - Lovely pic, looks great ( hope your kalash lasts longer than mine)

It currently has no stock or bolt. But will be getting a RMW ak74 kit when I can afford it.


Anyone have a bad experiance with a RMW / inokatsu kit?

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