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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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wow your wearing looks pretty darn good azn :P.


but personally, i cant STAND CA's wood handguards for their ak series. the way the wood protrudes on the bottom handguard is so blocky, i want to throw up.


but ya, still looks great though. not too much but not too little.

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Thank you K3MP0

And Wicked, I was going to say the same thing :)


I just finished weathering some mags, including the GWS 45 round hi-cap. I didn't like how glossy it was, so I sanded her and hit it with some spray, then sanded at it again. I'm really pleased how it turned out, but my camera skills are nowhere near Guiness's or Grimm's.





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Well I'm for the most part finished hacking up the body on my PSL. I originally wanted to do hi-cap internals in the magazine, but after spending hours and hours cutting the king arms body and the steel magazine, i'm in no mood to create a feed tube and some brackets for the internals so Im using a TM shotgun shell for inerds.

Here's what it was before:


And now:


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Cheers mate, also planning on converting some RS bakelite mags and i also want to get RS pistol grip but i have heard they are too small?


Yeah some RS bakelite mags would looks sweet, im planning to convert some myself im currently converting a RS metal mag, gonna make a guide of it later.

Btw heres a site that have pretty good prices on their bakelite mags http://dwsuk.org/shop/article_53/Russian-A...3%26aid%3D53%26

They only ship inside of the UK tho :( But ur lucky since u live inside the UK :P


Jumprefusal thats starting to look good, id sugest getting a real steel wood stock since they are about 15 dollars and it looks like they are thick enough to fit a motor :)


Ive wanted to do a PSL myself just havent got enough cash and time but keep it up :)


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Ahhh I have the stock Grim, I got it for 10 bucks here in the US. The grip isn't thick enough, but I'm thinking of cutting it, re-enforcing the insdie, and using wood filler where there are still gaps. This magazine conversion kicked my butt pretty good, if I recover soon I'll get to work on that stock :)


EDIT: Well I just looked at it a bit more, the grip looks to be wide enough but just barely. The problem is how it's formed, the angle of the motor isn't consistent with the stock. On the front side at the top the motor will have to come through, and the stock is not long enough.


It may be easier to have somebody make one from scratch, as much as a pain in the butt that would be.

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