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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Did some more work on my AK....mostly on (one of) the mag(s), but rusted up the rest of it a bit too.







Turns out mixing salt, Perma Blue, and a propane torch makes things much faster!

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Hey White...

I'd suggest replacing those missing pins/rivets. Real steel wouldn't work without them.


Yeah, I know...but that's the way the metal body came. I should probably install a side mount plate to cover it up, or just fill in the holes, but hey, I've been lazy.


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Wow, after playing with my AK for the past several weeks, I find my M16 completely uncomfortable. Shouldering is awful and it doesn't contour to my body as nice as the AK. Its true what they say, once you've gone AK, you'll never go back. :P


And that AK is so ridiculously scratched that its sexy beyond reasons.

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nope the new paint job on the RK-05 is very nice. here's a comparison shot of the RK-03(top) RK-02(middle) and the RK-05 (bottom)

you will notice the new paint job is flatter and is also textured. it's very nice.



The front end is now all one colour as well. if you look at the top 2 AK's you will notice the front sight and gas block are shiney black whereas the barrel is a matt black. on the new RK-05 it's all the same colour.



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Hey Comrade is that the 40 round magazine?


46 round mag made by Master Molder, still needs more modding since the internals I put in don't feed well currently. The G&G foam padding makes it harder, it perfect for TM right now. I should have it ready in time for a game coming up. Here's a Hi res pic:


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Dangit Jebus! I was all excited thinking they were shiny again. I agree the newer paintjobs are indeed nice and perhaps a bit more field friendly, but I love the glossy shine of my Dboys AKSU. Your comparison pictures really show the difference, the first two are a much deeper and "richer" black.


On another note, I took both of mine out this weekend and had some hop problems. The AKSU was acting like it was jammed but it was not, and the 74 was mucking up some shots (I believe it was the Systema bucking I put in it, too soft for 400fps).

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