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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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My TM ak........ again.



Its got a romy stock, element body, dboys cover and selector switch, RS upper handgaurd and "landforce" lower.


Turned out pretty well I think.


If your wondering why there is ducktape on the gas block, its because I ovalised the hole on the outerbarrel so the screw jst falls out.


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I posted pics of mines (direct link to it in my sig). It might not look as neat as the old paint but its sure doesn't look like a toy as some has said. But if you give each side 10 minutes rub with Scotch Brite, it'll clear away the matte look.



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have you ever thought of adding an ultimak instead of the scope mount? that would be pretty pmc :) not saying yours isnt, but youve seen those pics with the pmc's with the ultimaks right



Yeah, My friend said that to. Like it there because I like the EOTech close to my eye, The EO isnt very bright(I think its the older one), so the farther away the dimmer it is (Useing it with my EBR was useless). I do also like how it loosk there better =P Operator prefrece. Haha


This AIMS doesnet have blowback, But I always thought it was a waste of battery and gimmicy anyways.


love raped AKs =P

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Some moore RS Mags for my mag hungry AK's





Also got one step further on AKM rape, will use a RS wood handguard till i decide what tactical handguard i want, still cant decide if i wanna use romy vert grip or Egypt AKM handguard. (i know pic sux eazh)





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