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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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DBoys RK01S (full steel/wood version).


The wood was originally painted, I re-stained it and clearcoated it. It's decent wood, I have a replacement set on the way. The included hicap is GOOD, it fired off 550 rounds on a single wind. The stock battery is good but a little weak, so I'm gonna replace it. The siderail's been removed and the holes filled, so it looks like a real production AKSU now. Oh, and the pistol grip is a VFC AIMS PMC one, their 'fake bake' version.


Internally it's stock, but I may swap the stock bearings for solid bushings if I switch to an aluminum piston. We'll see. There's also a nice 'three-round burst' feature on semi - if I slowly squeeze the trigger I get three nice rounds, every time. If I yank the trigger I get a single shot. No need for a MOSFET now! (Note: This is not a good thing, and is indicative of either too much grease, weak springs, or both. I don't mind though, so I'm leaving it alone). I'll put up more photos after I upgrade and tinker with it some more, there's a lot I have still to do to it.


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yeah its a RMW akms carbine. its built great and totally solid. I dont really plan on ever using it as an akmsu though. I got it to make a yugo m92


heres a pic of my full arsenal, they've all got woodies too! :D


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What is that Ak, second from top? (@ shroom) I want to make one something lie it... 'Cept with either a Kobra or POSP.....


its a D-boys/Kalash rk-01 with russian ak74 foregrips, danmu gp-30, russian sling, russian tourniquet, russian side mount optics rail, inokatsu plum pistol grip dyed red, vfc mag made to look more real, and a rmw butt pad. I also got a russian bakelite bayonet coming for it soon. I also would like a posp for it but thats a little later down the road.

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