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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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Wow, some really nice paint jobs here. A lot of you are using Krylon, I can only find it in tan, od, dark brown, and black. Rustoleum makes the same with a lighter shade of od as well. What paints are you using and where are you getting them? I'm impressed with some of these tiger stripe guns and some of the stenciled object guns look really nice. The netting stenciled guns give me a headache tho and to be honest I don't really like them. I am very impressed by some of the multicam and marpat/acu jobs though.


Here's my contribution, I tried out my idea for stenciling camo with natural objects. I wanted to get a more layered and varied appearance. It worked out pretty well, but it sure was a pain to do. I did it on my UTG shotty cause I'm rather apprehensive about painting an expensive gun, plus I kind of like my expensive guns the way they are.


First, the process of painting. I didn't take pics of every step, but here it is before the final layer of paint goes on. What I did was start with light tan for the oak leaves (the light tan was Rustoleum sandstone, I sprayed it on the entire grip for the textured grippy feel), and the mossy green for the pines (which were hard to work with and didnt turn out as nice as I had hoped). I held the leaves down with pebbles so I would get a good outline of the edge. Then I did some brown for sticks and twigs, then two different olive greens for leaves, more brown, medium tan for grass, etc. I mixed some of the colors and items around to make a good bend of shapes and colors. The core of my idea was to overlap and interlock layers of shapes and colors, rather than just one or two colors of shapes silhouetted by a blotch of a different color. This is much more realistic and should really break up any outlines.



After finishing all that, I sprayed the whole thing with OD to fill in all the remaining gaps



I gave it a while to dry, then took off all the items to let it dry more. Now the finished product;



On top of Advantage Timber camo to show how it compares to good hunting camo




I think it came out very good, although I would have wished for a little more variety in colors, so I guess a few trips to the hardware store and hobby shops for some good camo spray paint are in order. I do not think I will add to this camo job though, but for other paintjobs in the future. I'm going to buy a couple JG Ak Beita clones to use as loaners, I think I will paint them camo, one like this and the other in bars of two shades of olive and medium tan. How do you guys like it?

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Maby tape or some kind of gel over them? Cant see why you'd want that tho, "hey, look at my trades, this gun cost $$$$"


mightyjebus: Don't know how it looked before, but it sure looks good now! :)

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Not exactly painted , but i took paint off...


After a good 3 days of polishing...

here's my DSR1...








Sorry to Candyman ,

i just wanted a DSR1 that looked a bit like yours... :unsure:

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Something tells me that you're just trying to raise your post count, si3n4, seeing as you've posted in pretty much every thread in the weapons pictures forum today.




- CapaciousZepher

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Painted my shotgun today. Came out pretty good i think for being my first try. I noticed that its a bit messy towards the pistol grip, other than that, any thoughts?













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