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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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This is one I painted up then sold on after a while.

The underside is left deliberately to help alter the visible profile, (long weird theory behind it but it works).

It's the same paintjob I had on my G3SG1 a few years back and is east to recreate.

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Hey mate what colour you after? Ive got one new and a half tin of marsh grass milcoat (krylon substitute) and a new full can of brown krylon if you fancy em?


Thanks for that but I need to get the gun first. I'm looking at ending up with something like 'Atz' and 'Sorens' M4. Tan spray job but with that weathered look. Think it looks the Mutts. ;)

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My newest addition to my M4 collection... I got it this a.m. and already made it mine... Added the paint within an hour of getting it... Doing the trades with a dry brush technique to keep them visible.


M4 #3 soon to be a DMR...




I am Retired US Air Force and had to have it. Even though it says "RARARESCUE"



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