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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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Hmm, not sure what your trying to get at here!! :P


Not quite sure myself, just fooling around after seeing V for Vendetta, LOL


thanks for the kind words, everyone! :)

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My Teammate Ajax hide his painted AEG in this photo.




Here is a Closer photo of his Painted custom.



And another.




Its very effective in our enviornments.

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I haven't posted on this thread in a while but here's my Urban JG G36c...








How I did it...

  1. I took everything apart, gave them a quick wipe with pre-paint and then sprayed a few coats of flat black.
  2. Waited 6 hours for it to dry and then masked it all up leaving about a 10mm gap between strips of tape.
  3. Sprayed a few coats of flat dark grey.
  4. Again, I waited another 6 hours for it all to dry (better to be safe that sorry ;)). Then I reassembled it all and gave the whole gun a very light coat of flat black to darken the grey stripes.
  5. 4 days later I fitted the internals, RIS rails, iron sights and stock butt pad which I didn't want painting, and hey presto!

All in all it only cost me £5 in paint and 69p for a roll of masking tape ;) and I'm really happy with the result.



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