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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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Excuse the poor quality photos.


Decided to try and paint my PDW to something i could use with either AOR2 or MC. i was torn between RAL7013 and RAL8000 but after looking at the HK416A5 ras on TheReptileHouse blog I liked the colour and it seemed to match tan and green depending on lighting and surrounding so i mixed RAL8000 and painted the upper.

Personally i think its too light and after investigating further it seems the colour HK uses is closer to cerakote burnt bronze than RAL8000. So does anyone have a colour code that would match/ be similar to burnt bronze?


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Thanks :)


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I never enjoyed the pics in this thread until this green dog started posting in here :D


Sorry fellas but I don't like camo paint jobs much :o 

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Marushin HSC , Maruzen PPK, whichever M712 are all of era and should have more space for painting/design than the luger. 


or maybe go with luger / p38 and put a supressor on the end for some kind of wunderwaffe thing? cheers 

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