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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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I think even if I came over to your shop and took a dump in your paint cans you'd still make the stuff look awesome... damn you man! 😛  That blue Glock is on FIRE!  

That was not meant to be interpreted as you make turds look good or your stuff looks like sh*t but me trying to say, you are too good at what you do 😛 

Posted Images

And the more times you slag it off, the worse you look.


However it can be a bit tedious seeing what are essentially duplicate posts all over the picture thread section, I agree.


if hes going to post it over and over again in a forum for the comments of pictures, then i will comment.


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if hes going to post it over and over again in a forum for the comments of pictures, then i will make a smart *albatross* crack as his painting.





As a newbie to Arnies, I would like to think I am somewhat unbiased. I have seen some really good stuff posted by you, but some things (like above) make you sound like an *albatross*. Personally, I don't mind the paintjob at all, I think he should have just painted over those little icons and done his own, but hey, it would certainly do the job.


EDIT: Hey Senor bear, I think you should replace the OD thing on your stock with something which is a bit more tan/khaki, then you really would have a kickass paintjob :D


Do you think you could please PM me with how you get that cool effect of the little brown bits over the background colour? I've seen it around, and it looks pretty cool, but I have no idea how people manage it.

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well, he posted it, should i only give good comments? are people that frail that they cant handle criticism? if that was the case, NO ONE would ever get any better. my first paint job SUCKED too. you learn from what people tell you they think. i was just saying what i thought of it. sorry if thats insulting to you.

bear: i think that VSR looks good. did you use a screen to have that effect? i always wondered, because i suspect you have to use a pretty thick screen to make it so you can see the lines. i have no experience with that, sorry

also, what kind of buttpad is that? do you use it to hold shells, or as a cheekrest?


EDIT: just saw your post above. that answers my question about the screen technique ;)


Hey Joe,


I don't think it was so much that it was criticism, it sounded more to me like several people beat the **** out of that guy's painting efforts, gave no tips or help on how he could improve it, then you made the comment about it looking ###### no matter which thread he posted it in.


The least you could do is give the guy some tips on how to paint his gun a bit better next time.


Criticism should help people improve.


Criticism isn't telling a guy his gun looks like it has a flesh eating virus, because comments like those don't improve anything.





and he is right. pfcstone: im not trying to just plain insult you, what i said is my way of constructive criticism. but mcarthur is right, it wasnt fair how i said it. SO, your paint job shows merit but needs work in how and where you place wear. i have already given you info on where and how on another forum, but if you have any questions, pm me. there are also a few guides here on the forums on how to do it, from the great guiness and souske

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i did not take it in a bad way. on the other forum i made a joke bout it. thanks for the info as well .

The actual paintjob looks good but perhaps you could be a bit more random when selecting the areas for artificial wear.

There are some excellent pictures in this thread of both artificial and natural wear that might give you some inspiration.

You could maybe try looking for some pictures of real M4s to see where natural wear most commonly occurs also but to be honest artificial wear can be tricky to achieve but with practice Im sure you'll get it right.

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i did not take it in a bad way. on the other forum i made a joke bout it. thanks for the info as well .


A quick tip; If you want natural looking wear without having the patient to do it the real way, i would suggest that you make the wear spots not as tidy, it looks like someone placed them there. Instead fade the wear and tear.

The best way to see where you will loose color is to paint it, then use it untill it starts to wear naturally. If you after that want to add some artificial wear and tear do so on those locations where you already have some.


I am not proclaiming myself as an expert, but I am quite happy with my own paintjob which you can have a look one or two pages back.


GL mate...

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