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Painted Weapons Picture Thread


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Evike producing monstrosities since... forever...


Evike.com Custom Airsoft Electric Rifle - Pink is Confidence $1200




This is a custom AEG done by Hollywood professional artist utilizing the highest quality car paint (House of Kolor). Limited to only this one piece in the entire world. If you are local from an Evike.com store, come check out this master piece today!



Hurricane Style Crane stock

G&P 551 Red dot scope

Professional paint job

Muzzle Velocity: 400~420 fps

Range: 80~150 feet



If you are alergic to cats, this gun is alergy proof.

If you decide to buy it for your girlfriend, make sure she is a keeper yourself.

The ruby looking crystals on the gun are not real rubies.

The paint on this gun is whats on your car, and they will get scratched under skirmish usage, paint jobs are NOT under warranty.


*For custom work request such as this one it will generally take us about two month to complete.










Can I hear a lolwut? or wtf?

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looks pretty cool. i like that brown. and interesteing RAS on that M16


3rd color. something to bridge the gap between the 2 colors... maybe a dark tan, or a softish green

wear. it is very shiny and too perfect lookign now. i advise either a ultra flat dullcoat or some wear.


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The rail kit on the M16 is an SIR. The M4 length is pretty common in airsoft, full length not so much. Loosely based on a blackwater rifle but mainly just coz I liked it.


I'm undecided on a 3rd colour. My first thought was that it needed another colour (I've got a grey-green in mind) but I do like it as just two colours.


And the paint is actually a satin finish, which makes it look more shiny in the pictures. Its not so much in real life. Its a brand new paintjob though. Give it till after my game tomorrow and see the difference. ^_^

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