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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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radrockin: really interesting paintjobs. what got you all started on that?

also, why the white?


The white does not stand out yet it reflects the tones around it. like the multicam white or the ACU pattern which is a lighter grayish whitish look which reflects better when dirty or around certain shadows. plus the more battle worn my G&G gets the more "blended" the pattern becomes.. . it works well for the environment we operate in however, I have been involved in allot of Night ops lately and it works just fine. I never hear..... hey shoot at the white on that GAT lol


Rad that paintjob is really cool looking but how well does it actually conceal I wonder?


yes it does conceal and pending the terrain like foliage or lush green it will stand out more then a Camo'd out woodland Gat however, the deign is to break up the pattrn of a Rifle. The digital pattern confuses the eye for a moment and thats when it counts.


Ajax get all the credit for the design he does it free hand and charges anywhere from 50-120 a Job.



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Yeah, except that that is a little difficult to do that when the mag ain't metal ;)


A suggestion then, for future reference. Before you begin to paint, rub your hand along the mag and feel the high points. These points are the areas that will wear first on a magazine. Your mag isn't very bag for a first attempt, it could just use some refinement. I've found it works better if the brush is very close to dry (thus dry-brushing, huh? :huh: ) when you start. Sure, it takes longer, but it ends up looking alot nicer.

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Yeah, the main problem is it doesn't really look dry-brushed. Dry-brushing gives a much subtler look.

This just looks like it's had paint slapped on. Perhaps you need to remove more paint from the brush next time.




- CapaciousZepher

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TM M16A2 receiver lower

TM SR16 receiver upper


CA M15A4C carry handle

TM SR16 outer barrel

TM M16A2 pistol grip

CA M15A4C stock and buffer tube

Systema 1j mechbox


AN/PEQ2 battery box (housing 9.6V nun-chuck battery)

Blank firing adapter

CAA stock saddle (acts like crane stock: holds batteries)

CAA flashlight grip adapter

Surefire 6P

GG&G sling adapter (slides over buffer tube)


Around the M4 is 45 magazines:

26 x airsoft (low caps, standards, mid caps)

19 x real steel



Also in the picture is my HFC M190, HSGI Weesatch (w/ front and rear SAPI plates), and lots of 5.56mm rounds


EDIT - In case you're wondering, I do NOT carry my real steel magazines onto the field. Too many magazines for me!

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Not to sure what do you think?


Used Tan as a base then med brown and OD


CA M15A4 CQB with G&P m203




I think I started off with a OD base and added tan and brown afterwards. Then again, with my UTG L96, I started with tan and used OD and brown afterwards. I should get my L96 up on these boards... SOON!!!

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