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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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I think even if I came over to your shop and took a dump in your paint cans you'd still make the stuff look awesome... damn you man! 😛  That blue Glock is on FIRE!  

That was not meant to be interpreted as you make turds look good or your stuff looks like sh*t but me trying to say, you are too good at what you do 😛 

Posted Images

Here's my M700. It was a fairly light coat of Krylon so it has worn off considerably since these pics were taken. It looks much different in person and actually blends in pretty good while playing.
















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I did another cheap gun in my stenciled style, different stencils though and different colors, I was trying to make it lighter in color and a little less weird looking. I used a Well R6 I got for a penny on Ebay. I should have used a different type of grass bit it still looks good.


First, in the middle of painting, all the stencils are laid down with their colors under them, I did a little overlapping but not too much:



Then with the background color applied. I used Krylon tan and brown camo paints, and Rustoleum od green and army green camo paints, Rustoleum flat brown and satin moss green. I also used Rustoleum Sandstone finish Mesa Tan on the grips as the first layer for a slightly grippy textured feel. The Krylon tan is the background color.



Then the final piece. Looks pretty good I think, blends well in the different woods around here. If you're wondering why it has a UTG MP5 mag stuffed into it, I didn't have an R6 mag (didn't come with one in ebay auction), and I found if I wrapped some electrical tape around the MP5 mag and squeezed it in, it fits well and feeds fine. The gun itself shoots about 285, but the hop up isn't very good. I stuck a UTG mp5 barrel in it and replaced the broken/missing foregrip and outer barrel with a plastic tube, which also holds a 9.6v nunchuck battery nicely. It should make a good loaner/backyard game gun, and the gearbox doesn't look bad so I could always upgrade it and use a leftover Marui upper in the future, if I wanted it to perform better.



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