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Painted Weapons Picture Thread


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eldannardo: Is that a shotgun with a silencer and scope? Thats awesome.


if I may answer for him?

It started out as a Maruzen CA870 - that should give the hint to the rest of it :)

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Here's my G36C in it's 'temporary' paint. I'm going to sell this gun soon, so I'm going to re-paint it, and make it look nice. I'm also going to post what I did to my replica PASGT with sharpies, since I didn't really know where it belonged.





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I'm gonna have to say no

100% buddy yeah its element copy but i must say they are feckin amazing copys and its not sprayed as i havent got round round to it there is also a torch sitting about that needs to be painted aswell.



J-rock 14


what on earth possesed you to take to a helmet with a sharpie ?

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