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Painted Weapons Picture Thread


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I don't know if I can hold a candle to the last photos, but here is my AR -












I just repainted it - I probably need to add some more brown to even it out.


Battery is a 7.4v lipo held in the stock tube.


Parts list -


G&P Defender

AAC Blackout Flash Hider Replica

AAC M4-2000 Replica

Tangodown SCAR Panels

LaRue Tactical FUG VFG

Surefire M910

Vanaras AN/PEQ-15

Troy Front Folding Battlesight Replica

Troy Rear Folding Battlesight Replica

TA31F ACOG Replica

G&P A2 grip with nub cut off and grip tape applied

Magpul CTR Stock

BFG Padded Vickers Sling

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It isn't like you painted some 300 dollar guns. look at them their little junkers and are better of lime green, pink, gold or what ever.........


Na nothing like that, I'm not crazy lol.... although while I was doing it I did have ideas of getting a used TM AK47 and doing a full Saddam deal... ;)

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Castle Bravo: Really cool, for some reason it looks really nice to me. I can't really tell if it's just tan or if there is some brown dusted on it.


Its krylon tan with krylon brown dusted on it. I'm going to add some more brown at some point to even it out a bit and match my already painted accessories.

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My Desert M4, and mates P90 Body


Mates Arctic, Woodland M4s and Desert Shotgun





All of the guns were painted by myself and the guy with the P90, when doing the shotgun my friend asked for something lighter in colour than my M4 which was given a more Desert 'Urban' colour scheme.

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