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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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I think even if I came over to your shop and took a dump in your paint cans you'd still make the stuff look awesome... damn you man! 😛  That blue Glock is on FIRE!  

That was not meant to be interpreted as you make turds look good or your stuff looks like sh*t but me trying to say, you are too good at what you do 😛 

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After a few days of reading it was time to make my first post, so here it is (gotta love a lame intro):


I posted this on a Belgian forum a few hours ago so I'll add these remarks: the scope & the trigger guard will be changed in the near future (after the internals).

I've used Krylon Olive Drab as the ground (very thin) and sprayed Khaki on top of it (also thin, but thicker than the Olive Drab). I've used a small amount of paint since I want to achieve a worn look as fast as possible while not skirming very often. This used look is (or rather was) the first milestone for the final look I had in mind (a rapid transaction from a desertlike field of operation to a woodland environment). But on the other forum this sort of talked me out of it, since they liked it already... and that set me thinking. But enough jibba jabba, here are the pics.



PS: pics taken on the table where I painted it (this thing fits nowhere else at home) & the framing was done since I hadn't opened Photoshop in a while to create some form of doodles, so this had to come out.

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