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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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I think even if I came over to your shop and took a dump in your paint cans you'd still make the stuff look awesome... damn you man! 😛  That blue Glock is on FIRE!  

That was not meant to be interpreted as you make turds look good or your stuff looks like sh*t but me trying to say, you are too good at what you do 😛 

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A beauty.  Close up on the stippling/how you did it?


thanks mate. The stippling is pretty simple, I just rounded the tip on my 30W iron and pushed it into the plastic. Repeat until you're comatose, etc.. I think this one took me about two hours. Texture pretty much depends on the size of the tip and how far you push it into the plastic. 








This one was done with a larger and more rounded tip compared to my AK105. The bar-10 stock is also much thicker than the CYMA AK grip, so I could go deeper without melting through as well. What the pictures don't show very well is that the stippling on the bar-10 is raised a few mm off of the rest of the stock, while the stippling on the AX is very shallow and for the most part flush with the rest of the grip. Stippling on the AK is more comfortable, but not nearly as effective as the stippling on the bar-10. 



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slightly off topic but the yanks are spending millions on camo gear and tan weapons and LBE why is he wearing red boots?


Theyre Asolo boots. Special Forces and Seals are known to use them, Just like Merrel Sawtooths.


Local milsimmer reviewed them and they sound pretty amazing and comfortable. SF and SEALS dont care about a little red!


That painted SERPA looks close to what the tan Serpas are. Looks grea,azn!

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They might not fit in with what the norm is around here. Experimenting with breaking up silhouettes is the goal.. Love it or hate it, let me know..


My TM Hi-Capa 4.3


Again with the Sponge Technique.



Those are pretty cool, do you literally just soak a sponge in paint and press it on the gun?



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Yeah, it is so simple it is a crime. BFour did his exactly how it should be done for a nice camo setup but very clean. Mine are more of a "let's get carried away with the Sponge and see what happens".. lol..


But very simple process.


lay sown a base coat.. Add in thick Stripes of an alternate color.. Then take a sponge and dab the different colors on one another. i.e. Base color Tan, then add OD Stripes.. Then dab the Tan on the OD, and OD on the Tan.. You can add other colors as well to add to the depth. The best results I have had in the past were from limiting it to 3 total colors.


I use a sea Sponge from the paint department at most Home Improvement stores. It has very big/Defined holes/pores...

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I did a base coat of tan with green stripes about 2 to 3 inches wide. Then I sponged the green on the basecoat and then tan on the green stripes. After contemplating a 3rd color my girlfriend suggested black and thus it worked out lol. I was debating white but I think the black came out great.

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Awesomeness. I don't know what does it for me, but something about it is just epic win. Nice photography too, very clean.


Thanks man! Somehow it happens the same to me... dunno what's so attractive about it since it's so damn simple... But I think I do have something for MRE's and fixed iron sights though... that might be it.

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