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WWII Weapons Picture Thread

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Great looking weapons. Im currently giving my S&S AEG Garand a make over with the help of a cut down M14 wood stock rather than a plastic stock, and RS Furniture, and front end rather than the resin parts and a cast front end. Post pics up soon.

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:o:o:o Oh my giddy aunt! What have you done to that poor Thompson?


RSPCAG* will be informed about this!







*The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Airsoft Guns

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It's a clone. It is now the Warhawk thompson seen on the last page. The nice one behind it is a real Marui (that sounds just silly), and it is also on the previous page, but all aged up.




I know this isn't a WobblyWobblyEyeEye gun, but since we're on the subject of gun heresy, I'll show the first gun I ever painted.

Previously, I built car models and RC trucks, the pattern is all skulls if you look close.



The prototype for the Stingers I made, but from a 1919 instead of an ANM2.



My backyard water cannon. Instead of an airsoft gun, it has a high pressure nozzle and a valve for a trigger.

Last year we had a small group of motor-skateboard boys that would howl by at 2:00AM like clockwork.

The wife couldn't reach them with the garden hose, so I built this for her.


It works great on city line pressure (nearly 80psi, I checked it), but it really lofts the H2O with a Morse pump fed from the swimming pool. You can put a good five gallons sixty feet into the air, and have it land a block or so away. After a couple of nasty "localized rainstorms", they started going the other way around the block. Problem solved, and nobody got blood on their shoes.

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Nice guns everybody. Awesome M2 mccrage.


I myself am fanycieing a WE P08, but I heard so much good and so much bad about them I don`t know what to think =/. I am looking for a highly realistic WW2 replica up to 300$. Pistols or AEGs, but I prefer pistols. So much to choose so little money. :P

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TM Thompson, CAW wood kit, TM M1911A1, Guarder metal kit, rubber M3 trench knife



Hmm, where can you find a rubber M3 knife? I've been looking for this particular one for a long time now, but all I can find are rubber M9 knifes, or black M3s.

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