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WWII Weapons Picture Thread

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Working on a K98 for my mate, PD. It's a VSR in a genuine laminate stock, with real K98 and Dboys parts.





Just got to modify the rear parts and bolt handle from the Dboys bolt to fit the back of the VSR bolt, do some cosmetic work on the receiver, then give it a coat of black paint :)

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NICE work on that!!!

My heart goes out to you, in that moment you start to cover that fine creation with common spray paint.


An incredible effort. Hats off.


Thanks :) I know what you mean about the paint, but it's the only way to get an affordable all over consistent finish on the alloy bits. Going to use flat car paint, then oil it when dry, which will give a passable gun black finish to it. The two barrel bands and the rear sight will be re-blued though, because they're genuine. It's now in the owners hands for the weekend for field testing. Next week, final adjustments, a few additions and the dreaded paint.


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Thanks for the nice comments :) Modifying the receiver was a lot of hard work, as all the cutting and filing was done by hand, but it was worth it to get the VSR part looking like a K98. In all, there are about twenty hours work in the whole rifle. Won't be adding any scopes or the like to it, because there too may Leet Sniperz in airsoft anyway, without WWII skirmishes becoming infected with them too :lol: The owner of the weapon, Vogelsang on here, has talked about matching the magazine bottoms to the woodwork, but that is up to him. I'm doing no more to it. I don't think it needs it, because it's where your left hand grips the stock anyway, and also where the german soldier carried it with the right, so it's unseen when in use.


I looked at the Nagant, but the bolt system is far too different to a VSR to accomplish a good replica :(

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My "Broken" CYMA Thompson. I bought it off one of the "boneyards" for $50. Fixed within 30 minutes and it works perfectly.




Normally the fire selector trades would be just stamped, a little bit of white crayon makes it look a lot better :)



Right side trademarks, and I took a bit of sandpaper to the boring black bolt cover.



Old and new skool.


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