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WWII Weapons Picture Thread

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So much top quality stuff here guys in paticular all the unique custom builds and aged gear which honestly is just plain art work. Good work all of you - let's see more.


I'm afraid I've nothing I can add which comes anywhere near your gear but I've slowly accumulated, with no big plan in mind, some WWII pieces a few of which are here.




As I say no real plan just bought them because for some reason I liked each of them.




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Right, most of you have probably seen the pictures of my custom made Owen SMG but for those who haven't here are a couple of pics.


Built around agm mp40 internals with element upgrade kit and using the hop unit from it inverted to take mags from the top. Runs on a 7.4v lipo that is used in the Sten. Some people find it ugly (read...most), but I think it looks mint.






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I Saved this Tokyo Marui Thompson from the trash. It was actually looking bad. (gearbox was still perfect though)

But was able to fix it, and took the time to install a wood kit as well as weather it.






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Type-100/44, very nearly finished (just the front sight, but that may take a little while to make so posting now.

Made by a variety of people, including myself, but mainly skilled people :rolleyes:



Uploaded with ImageShack.us



Uploaded with ImageShack.us



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Hope you like,


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Hello everyone.

Just to introduce myself, I am a WWII Airsofter and Reenactor. I make custom WWII Weapons, Kar98s to be exact. The Kar98s I make use BAR-10 or VSR-10 internals. The outer body is usually made from a Dboys Kar98.


I'll be posting pictures of the Kar98s, I make, as I finish them. I've made three so far. I don't have pictures of the first two but here is the 3rd.


Version II Wood Stock Kar98 #3


I am very happy with the way it turned out. This particular one is a wood stock version made from some kind of post-war Mauser variant stock. The stock needed a lot of modding to look like a correct WW2 one.


Internals are BAR-10 downgraded version. The guy I am selling it to has highly upgraded VSR-10 internals he is putting into it.


The metal finish is slightly to medium worn. I didn't have to do any artificial aging to the stock though it just came out looking nice and used.


Here are the pictures.














PS: Thanks to the moderators for telling me where to post this, I am new heresmile.gif

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Any of you lads got a silenced STEN? I'd love to see it.



The owner of the site i visit has made one for himself. I imagine a most of you are familiar with shoot n scoot customs he also built a silenced thompson




Some of the other available customs can be seen at







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Cool stuff!


Wifey's illness has kept me fairly busy...nice to see all these new things here!


Me shooting the camera

More of these things to make this year, I think, because I didn't keep one for ME!


I can't believe I found this Old vid I'd made, forgotten, and re-discovered here.


Arnie's ROCKS!!!!






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Rifle is a Tanaka Kar98k

Mounts are Accumounts Low Turret Replicas

Scope is a Replica (Czech I believe?) Zeiss Zf39


Rifle had to have holes drilled and threaded into the receiver to allow the mount bases to be installed. Scope had to be disassembled to the point of being an empty tube. Rings had to be heated with a torch to expand to allow the the scope tube to hammered into place. The tricky part was making sure the everything was perfectly vertically aligned the very first time. Once the holes in the rifle have been drilled, or the scope rings have cooled over the scope tube there is no second chance. Was certainly all worth it though.

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Ok here is my 4th Kar98 Rifle that I've made.

Turned out very nice in the end. This will be the last one where the base gun uses BAR-10 magazines. The rest will be using a certain type of shot gun magazines which fit in Kar98 pouches. It shoots around 450fps. I don't have a chrono so it may shoot a little higher. It fires really smoothly and the kar98 bolt handle works like a charm. I am very happy with it. The rear sight still sits a little high but I got it lower then last time. I have an idea to get it to sit lower on my newer rifles. The metal on this one was painted to look blued. I am going to try real bluing on my next one.

Hope you like! Feel free to ask questions and leave comments.













Iron Sights



Top View



Kar98 with extra mags


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