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Glock Picture Thread

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MightyJebus, how would you compared the Guarder and KJW alloy slides to each other?


Guarder are a bit more refined in the detail and seem to be make of better quality alloy (or maybe just made in a better workshop). Both are durable enough but can snap if dropped from height. Both are pretty cheap if you can find them in stock somewhere and the only thing that would make me chose a Guarder over a KJW would be the more accurate markings on the Guarder one.

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Only one I know of is the Ace 1 Arms threaded outer barrel but it's not available anymore :(

I ordered one from eHobbyAsia as soon as they had them many months ago.






Silver is in stock... http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ace-1-arms-g19-tactical-outer-barrel-set-for-marui-we-gbb-14mm-cw-sv.html#.Wc4tUmiCyUk

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The frame is a gen 4 guarder?? I haven't being paying attention to the airsoft glock world. Looks really nice !! Well done!!

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