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Glock Picture Thread

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I like it. I'd buy one. Put a thread adapter on it and find a light weight surpressor and I'd be good to go.

After nearly two months of "stay at home" I've spent my time repairing my TM PX4 (it works fine now), Sci-Fi ing out a H8R revolver (looks funky and shoots great) and took a WE ISSC M22 and threw on a Ace1Arms Red Dot sight and mount for a TM G Series (perfect fit), Guarder G17 front sight, Nightstick weapon light (the only one that includes a mounting plate that actually fits that rail), a threaded barrel adapter and use WE "light-weight" G17 magazines. Wonder of wonders, it shoots really really well. Cleaned barrels and lubed about 80% of my collection (and found stuff I didnt remember I had).

My wife was thrilled ;) 

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Well, I have made some stippling to the frame and some work on the trigger guard like the agency arms style, But more like a fake one because I don't want to file it down to much, But at least it's looking good so far I think! Xd



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That is nice and clean, Blob.

Finally finished off my spare parts and got another fully assembled Glock out of it. Have one of all gens except 1 now.

Nice thing is I have 3 spare barrels and hops, and now 2 plastic slides, and 2 metal slides in the collection. So I can be ready all times of the year!

Gen2 USA version G25 (KJW)
Gen3 blank G19 (KJW)
Gen4 G17 (Army, HK3P) with suppressor ready barrel, and spare
Gen5 G34 (TM, KJW) I lost the front fibre sight, threw it away as they’re for the genuine article and I bodged the filing it down to fit. For now it’s got a tritium front instead.

AW Custom kit for turning fine into a Carbine, and a stock to turn another into one, for why nots.


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Can’t believe I found someone selling a near mint condition Hera Arms kit!

Not quite as readily skirmishable as the armourer works kit since the pistol is semi permanently locked in there with a trigger pin, but cool none then less.


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