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Glock Picture Thread

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the glock family




waiting for 2 new slide in couple of week's


Nice family. Where did you get that Glock compensator? Can you tell me what brand it is and show some more pictures of it?


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you've got 2 choices for this compensator


- found an old MGC H.SEIDLER

one to sell here


- found an old KWC G17 HI-POWER spring



In my case I take the KWC and try to adjust it on my G17 Tm but the outer barrel up too hight when cycling for adjust it. I think that can be better on KSC but not have the time for test now.

For this compensator I have a friend who can replicate it in metal if it work on the gun.

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Hello :


Here i will show you my KSC G18c with a PDI 6.01 innerbarrel a Silencer and a G&P Light. Sorry for the bad pix but my cam is broken so i had tu use my cellphone ....and btw sorry for bad english xD 3651485208_b5cbeb0ee3_b.jpg">3650684553_f9c808489f_b.jpga

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nope.. stock slide hehe

I'm still looking for a metal slide...guarder steel hopefully.. if not, a CA g26 slide (w crappy trades) and outer barrel would do :D



Argh!!! I had one of those myself (gun not slide) but was dumb and sold it. Good luck finding the slides, they're rather difficult to get a hold of as no place has them in stock. Main reason why I sold my gun.

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A few of the current Glocks in my collection:


First off a standard KSC Glock 17. Metal slide, Real Steel tritium night sights, nickel outer barrel, hardened recoilspring. It is really my favorite one, and the best looking in my entire GBB collection. I never use it, I rather just let it sit there and soak in it's awesomeness.






Second out is my current pet project, based on a KSC Glock 18C.

It started it's life as an ordinary G18C, but then I added a Real Steel GLR-440 Glock Stock (bought from junior here on the forum), I then began the tedious task of modifying the frame of the Glock so the stock would fit.

Being not completely satisfied I decided to add a folding vertical grip, of the pistol kind, so the grip won't interfere with the trigger in the folded position. Later on I came across a KSC Glock 34 through a friend of mine. I thusly stole the outer and inner barrels and added them to my creation. Compensator groves will be added to the outer barrel shortly.

All the gun lacked was a 50 round mag, which was purchased not long ago.




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Halfway finished with my current project:


Glock 17 with Surefire P111 light









Guarder lower for Marui 17 with full internals (Thanks to Planeman), and Surefire P111 light with MR01 adapter. All it needs is a Marui complete slide and its ready to rock! Anyone have a spare Marui17 they wanna sell me??

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KSC Glock 19 HW Deep Blue Coating (Japan Ver.)

PGC Slide and Barrel

King Arms Recoil Spring Guide


Waiting on tritium sights.

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Tokyo Marui with Guarder lower and stock slide. I wanna upgrade and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these parts from Redwolf..in particular the slide:


Shooters Design 150% Hammer Spring

Airsoft Surgeon Super Hard Loading Nozzle

Nine Ball HIgh Speed Recoil Spring and Guide

PDI Palsonite 01 Inner Barrel

Shooters Design G17 Metal Slide

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If you have lights strikes with your gun then get a SD hammer spring, i like it but i wish i had the stock hammer spring for lower temperatures.

My loading nozzle is two 2 year old and its still fine but get the AS one if you want.

For the recoil spring guide go for the PDI or firefly one

PDI 6.01mm barrel? Go for it!

SD slide? There's some people that have it, i think baias has one, go ahead and ask him.


I would just add a PDI piston head (in case you don't get the AS loading nozzle), a 9ball hop up purple rubber and a stronger recoil spring like a SD 150%.


And to be in topic heres a pic of my G34 slide that i refinished to a polished and brushed finish, whenever i have time i wish to turn it into a open division gun:



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