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Glock Picture Thread

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I just thought you could be that little bit extra tacti-cool and have a DIY stippled steering wheel in your car. :P

Stippled fountain pen anyone?


Does anyone know if G10 can be stippled?

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ACOG... Really. :mellow:


Hunk, how is your AEP holding up? I'm very interested in getting one, for the fact that you don't need to worry about gas, and temperature and all that. The only thing that's holding me back from getting one is that I keep hearing that it's going to go down due to the delicate design of the GB inside, after like 10,000 rounds or so, and that there isn't replacement parts easily found.


Other then that, I would definitely run around like a maniac with it just glock'in everyone. Or trying to.


Oh, and maybe you can stipple over that Made In China mark :D

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RacingManiac, why did you stipple the areas around the slide lock/release?


Otherwise, very good job. Mind I see the tip you're using on your iron? :D



With my grip(both thumbs point forward) thats where my right hand(I am right handed) thumb goes as oppose to the indent in the frame, same with the area before the takedown lever as thats the supporting thumb goes. The grip is adopted from a 1911 style grip without a safety for my thumb to ride on... I did it symmetrically on both side of the gun so I can use the same grip left and right and have the equal surface treatment...


Its actually just a broad tip with a 45 deg cut in it. For this I just kinda dig in bit by bit...

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Well I guess stippling finally became popular. Here is a project I did with 2 friends in 2005 for our shop.

We cut the finger grooves off. Cut the trigger hook off. Re-profiled the back strap a bit, thinned the grip, heightened the hand hold a little and then stippled.

Later on we added front serrations and tritiums, but didn't take a picture as it was sold off very quickly. Gun hit 410fps with that length barrel and 450 with an extended barrel hidden with silencer.





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This thread needs more G34/35 love.

Will take 17L too...




Hell to the *fruitcage* yes!!!


I still really wanna get a 34 but I'm debating whether or not to just wait for a little bit (eight months till 21) to get a Glock 24 (RS) from my neighbor.

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Why does no one make a standard 34 slide & barrel assembly for the TM G17?

Only two tone, bull****. I want a standard one!

If you pop over to 'Prog4' they have a very nice looking silver slide.


P. ;)


Sorry, My mistake. Its for the KSC. :(

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Prime makes a G34 slide and barrel for the TM G17, this is my glock:




I made some custom work to it so will post the parts list:

Prime/Boom Arms Shuey Custom Glock 34 Slide

FF Recoil Guide Rod w/ Bearings

FF Floating Valve

Shooters Design Recoil Spring (150%)

Shooters Design Hammer Spring (150%)

Shooters Design Mag Release (Polished, not shown in the pic)

PDI Piston

FF 6.03mm Hicapa barrel lenght

FF soft hop up bucking

Dawson Ice Magwell

RSP custom frame

RSP custom rear sight

Lighted triger pull (tuned hammer and sear)

Removed initial "dead" trigger pull (the trigger in the pic is in the foward position)

Custom Short Stroke (slide only cycle to cock the hammer and load the bb)

Polished slide catch



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Thanks, we built that after we saw Robar's work on real Glocks. All three of us that worked on that Glock absolutely hate Glocks, whether it was the ergonomics or the plastic. But straightening out the backstrap, killing all the grooves and thinning out the grip did wonders. We all love 1911's and the straight back combined with the higher hand position makes it more 1911 like in the hand. The only problem is that we didn't feel comfortable doing that work on ABS frame guns (we tried a few test runs that didn't come out so good) so we only did it to 19's, 26's and 23's.


I might try it on a Marui 17 eventually.


Our stippling method used a very fine point. We found that with a fine point we achieved great grip without excessive abrasiveness; it just takes a lot longer.


Our process was this:

1.) kill all the groves and mark out any re-shaping to be done

2.) Using a dremel sander, reshape and thin out the grip

3.) Using heat (whether from the dremel or a heat gun) flatten the backstrap

4.) Final sanding to provide a smooth consistency throughout

5.) Mark area to be stippled with a china marker

6.) Stipple using fine point with a random pattern; start with the outline and work your way in

7.) Sand down slightly to remove build-up.

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The Marui guns dont stipple the same way that the KSC polymer (g19) guns or the real steel polymer pistols do.


The ABS on the Marui guns doesnt take heat well. Its still workable but it never looks as good as a polymer pistol.

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