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Glock Picture Thread

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Well, since it's understandable that some people are worried about weight and cycling I did weight the two...let's get nerdy!


778.8 corresponds to the Gunsmodify, 757.3 corresponds to the ACE 1.

A few things to note:

- The gunsmodify has the steel lonewolf type extended slide lock included in the pack.

- The gunsmodify has the zero hammer (steel), vs the marui one on the ACE 1

- The gunsmodify has the adjustable trigger vs the plastic marui on the ACE 1

- The gunsmodify one has steel sights vs the aluminum ones on the ACE 1

- The gunsmodify has a steel barrel vs the aluminum one on the ACE 1

- The gunsmodify has a guarder frame vs the marui one on the ACE 1

- The gunsmodify one has a marui brass inner barrel vs the stainless steel one on the ACE 1


To give a broader comparison, I weighted my G17 with an old 7075 slide and detonator sights (steel) and threaded barrel (aluminum with steel thread cap) and gunsmodify old adjustable trigger (lighter than the SAI one), marui magwell and nineball .03 stainless inner barrel. No other parts changed...782.3g


So coming in as the most lightweight: Ace 1. 21.5 g later comes the gunsmodify and in last place, my trusty ol' G17 25g heavier.


Incredible job gunsmodify did keeping the weight down EVEN with a steel barrel.

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Posted Images

@ Kenxin & JCheeseright


I couldn't help myself, had to return and look at those photos again :)


@ Kenxin - I love the fake second frame pin on the newer Guarder frames ;)


@ Puresilver - I don't think a Black Finish will come anywhere near the Costa FDE/Silver colour combination, especially Ceracoated. But if you must it's scheduled for release just before the Chinese New-Year ;)

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DIY aye? I'd be worried of that thing flying into my face from recoil. How did you mount it anyhow?


A little heads up on the gunsmodify RMR set, it's INCREDIBLY sensitive to sear wear. since the trigger bar gunsmodify provides is slightly  longer:








As you can see, guarder being guarder it's the shortest. That's why sometimes the trigger bar they provide makes the sear don't catch the hammer.


As it turns out, I had my sear fitted to a guarder trigger bar before knowing the trigger bar was included in the package, since I've been waiting for this thing since september, and once installed the slide set had some difficulty cycling and some poking around revealed the trigger bar putting incredible pressure on the BBU.


A slight sanding of the sear caused this so I'd recommend getting a steel sear that won't be damaged. Or if your TM is brand new and noone has fitted a guarder trigger bar you should be good for life.


After switching to a very old and used standard marui sear, the slide cycles perfectly.


Images courtesy of GM and their review of the SAI set.


Anyone care to request any specific comparison pics between the ACE1 and the GM?

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I originally planned it out so the screws went through the slide but that didn't work out.

As bad as it sounds it's heavy duty glued on, next job is to cut the slide underneath to get access to the battery, which looking at it now I should of done first.

Didn't fancy using a mount since I wanted it as low on the slide as possible while retaining the rear sight also.


Anyone know of a brand of high suppressor sights that fit Marui Glocks?



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A few pictures of the wear that has started appearing on the cerakote... I thought it'd be stronger.





The more experts should be able to tell if this kind of wear is normal for such low level of use (100-ish rounds, probably less). 


Now the barrel, now the barrel is another matter entirely.....





As you can see, not a scratch on the finish, not even on the underside with the stainless steel recoil spring.... colour me impressed.

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A quick and dirty pic of the brothers. How the chrome slide didn't give me away last time I used it, I don't know. :P




I'm tempted to take off the wings both sides of the beavertail on the 17. The left one interferes with using the slide release as it sits right where my thumb wants to go.

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Tokyo Marui Glock 17

Shooter's Design G17 Slide and Outer Barrel

GunsModify Steel Take Down Bar


NineBall Hop Up Bucking

AKA BBH (24g!)

Airsoft Surgeon Super Hard Loading Nozzle

Guarder Steel Spring Guide

Guarder 150% Recoil Spring

NineBall Gas Route Buckings x3

Marui Night Sights


Have a Future Energy steel trigger bar and Shooter's Design steel valve knocker in the tool box just in case.


Also, someone shot out my TLR-1s.  :ranting2:  :headbutt:  :gr:  :butcher:  :angry2:

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Hmmm... Those mold lines around the grip panel on the Guarder frame is killing me. :P


Overlay in PS shows the stuff ligns up pretty well though. Might just have to drop the 30 USD on the Guarder frame and see if I can cram the VFC internals in there, just for fun :P

(OCD fun)


Just to clarify, even though the mold lines are bad, the grip texture panel on the Guarder is closer to an RS Glock so that's why I wanna try it.

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Hmmm... Those mold lines around the grip panel on the Guarder frame is killing me. :P

Well considering what these frames are replacing, KJW and Very Shiny Tokyo Marui ones,

I'm not complaining :)


I think all the Guarder G19 frames are the same, but it mightn't be as evident on the Euro version that was released a lot later,

you'll have to examine the photos yourself, as I'm only viewing them on a phone, but here is the link :



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