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Glock Picture Thread

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

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This light is currently on sale in russian local market, said to be replica with momentary and strobe. Don't know its origin, but I suppose you wouldn't sell original SF as replica :)

This discussion should be moved to its own topic, great info.



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Oh snap! Good catch there. You'd think the counterfeiters would take a little more effort to do random serial numbers and fix the little details. At least this way you know if you've got an authentic product or a replica. I know quite a few people who work at Surefire and they often get sent items for warranty only to discover that the item they thought was real is in fact replica. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. I only buy from approved dealers. I will say that the fake x300 I have is the best SF replica I've encountered out of any fake SF products. It's shockingly ok.

Well *suitcase*. 


And to think the only reason why I bought the package was the light, since I generally don't like Glocks. They feel boring and safe, which is probably the reason why my next RS gun will be a Glock. 


Oh well, I still came out ahead in the deal at least. 

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Finally got round to putting Guarder Frames on my Glocks. Still need one of the newer Gen2 frames though.


Also fitted the adjustable rear sight from the 34 to this one. Seeing as it's the only one I'll use during the daytime mostly! And a tritium front sight just in case.






Also, found that the little extensions on the G26 mags look quite nice on the 19



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So I'm looking at replacing the 6.01 ra tech tbb for a 6.02 by guarder.


I have a 91mm barrel and I want more inner barrel for the guarder threaded outer barrel.


My crude math and home made caliper tells me the "104.5" mm barrel is the one to use.


Can someone please confirm this for me?

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Wow was going for a similar build. I have a few questions if you don't mind. What was fiting like as guarder parts for me in the past for various build have been bit and miss but I'm sure there cnc stuff is top notch. What is the steel inner frame like and I prosume you went for the complete steel rear unit with hammer etc, any complications with that? And my final question have you used ASP CO2 glock mags yet and if so how amazing are the results.

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the front steel chassis and rear are perfectly matched, very little side to side play in the front of the slide, and no up and down play anywhere on the slide


the barrel is secure and there's very minor play when you shake the gun when the hammer is cocked, since I am using a AIP Hop-Up unit so it's very secure


however the guide rod which the slide kit sucks, very gritty, it's better to switch to the SD ones


Also the size of the rear sight is too big for most real steel sights, that's why I am using the OEM's adjustable rear, found that out the hard way :angry:



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Just finished this G34, the last part (the front trigger pin and hammer housing pin) came in today finally. I am calling this my Black build, everything is black (not the trigger bar sadly :D )


This my ideal gun, zero play when hammer is cocked, the Gunsmodify kit is awesome, good finish and fit, and reasonably price, BTW I used no base gun, everything inside and out is all a mixture of Guarder, Gunsmodify, AIP, Ace 1 arms and real steel parts, the only stock TM part is the mag, which I plan to change when Pro-win release their CNC mag.


Onto the parts list, GM is for Gunsmodify, GU is Guarder


GM G34 kit with black steel fluted barrel

GM zero hammer set with steel rotor

GM golden trigger bar

GM SAI magwell

GM take down lever

GM flat trigger with black insert

GU steel front chassis

GU steel rear chassis

GU disconnector

GU steel mag release

GU aluminum BBU

Silverback black piston :D

GU G26 piston with racket valve installed

GU extended mag release

GU stipple lower frame with all the SAI cuts

GU steel parts set&springs

GU 150% recoil spring

GU hop-up rubber

Shooters Design stainless steel guide rod (black oxide finish)

ACE 1 Arms 6.04 inner barrel (will change to the guarder black inner barrel later on)

AIP aluminum hop-up unit

Maple leaf hop-up arm

Detonator steel sights

Real steel trigger pin and rear housing pin (black oxide finish)


Now onto some pictures:










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So I'm looking at replacing the 6.01 ra tech tbb for a 6.02 by guarder.


I have a 91mm barrel and I want more inner barrel for the guarder threaded outer barrel.


My crude math and home made caliper tells me the "104.5" mm barrel is the one to use.


Can someone please confirm this for me?

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But how will SAI make a fortune from the baby candy resale business???


If I had big enough brasses to modify my service pistol (G17 for those unfamiliar), the most I'd consider doing would maybe constitute upgrading the sights and maybe an extended slide lock lever and a mag well... maybe.  I've seen how quickly Glock frames start to fail under light military usage though, you definitely don't want to be *fruitcage* up the plastic even more before you've even started carrying/using the thing.  That's the cool thing about airsoft though, you can make your shooter as trick as you like in true 3-gun style and enjoy the variety without any dire potential consequences.

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