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Glock Picture Thread

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No, not really. I like cool service pistols, unmodified. It kills you just as dead. Imo, while slide cuts, rmrs and stipling can be cool, they're mostly needed in competition.

Same here. While I don't knock anyone tricking out their guns, for me it's all about creating realistic looking department/service issued weapons

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

Posted Images

If I had big enough brasses to modify my service pistol (G17 for those unfamiliar), the most I'd consider doing would maybe constitute upgrading the sights and maybe an extended slide lock lever and a mag well... maybe.  I've seen how quickly Glock frames start to fail under light military usage though, you definitely don't want to be *fruitcage* up the plastic even more before you've even started carrying/using the thing.  That's the cool thing about airsoft though, you can make your shooter as trick as you like in true 3-gun style and enjoy the variety without any dire potential consequences.

Are the Glocks still considered superior to the Sigs even taking into account the limited lifespan of the frame?

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I saw a picture of .40 Glock that had a cartrige that was only partially in the chamber detonate and blew the magazine out of the pistol and gas blew through the grip panel behind the trigger guard. Shooters hand was damaged. I've heard tell that there have been a few of these with the .40 as the the round is so short and stubby that you can have failure to fully chamber (not just in the Glock) and have a detonation. It has also happened with metal framed pistols but the metal frame protected the shooters hand better (some wood grip panels did split and caused splinters).


In 40+ years of shooting real steel, it's one of the only calibers I've not been interested in at all.

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It says a lot when DEVGRU and CAG, two units that have the option to choose just about any handgun and caliber they want, elect to use the Glock 19 as their preferred sidearm.


The SIG is a great gun. It's hefty making it slightly easier to control the recoil, has a smooth DA/SA trigger and once cocked the SA is nice, light and short. Those are also things that work against it in some people's eyes. The gun has a higher bore axis which makes the recoil more noticeable than a lower bore axis gun (like the Glock). So the benefits of the added weight in the SIG can be argued as being negated by the greater felt recoil. To most military guys, every ounce counts and having extra weight to carry around in a 9mm side arm is not ideal. Even the SIG mags are lot heavier. So weight-wise the Glock wins. I mentioned the trigger: Having taught shooters, including LEOs, many of whom have chosen the SIG as their preferred handgun, I can't tell you how many times I've had to remind some of them to de-cock their SIGs when reholstering. And that is during training on a square range with zero actual threats present. You can imagine how often they might forget about that in a life threatening engagement. Some people would say what's the big deal about that? Well with the hammer back, the trigger is now set to SA with an extremely short and light trigger press needed to fire the gun. And that's how negligent discharges are more likely to happen. In fact I'd rather see a 1911 cocked with the safety off in the holster than a SIG cocked in the holster because at least the 1911 has a grip safety that still needs to be defeated to fire the gun. Reliability-wise, both the SIG and the Glock Gen3 9mm series have been proven to be reliable systems. The Gen4 Glocks had some initial issues but those have seemed to be addressed. Cost, the Glock and its additional spare mags are a lot cheaper than the SIG. The Glock has a lot more aftermarket support.


Like I said, both are great weapon systems. I just think the Glock has more going for it as a combative and/or defensive firearm.

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WE SAI G17, KSC G17, Stark Arms G17, KSC G17



TM "Guarder" G34 (steel slide), Stark Arms G42 (steel slide), WE/HK3P G18C



TM "Guarder" G26 (steel slide), WE ZEV G26




HK3P G19, WE G19 (Agency Arms), WE G19 (SAI), KJW G23 (Guarder kit), KSC G19, Stark Arms G19, KJW G19 (Stainless steel slide), WE G19 (SAI)


/end thread  :D

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they are easy to work on and clones of the mauri system so lots of bits fit. I need a few more magazine base plates with the Glock logo and then these will be finished. next to be built will be a engraved 32 ad I'll like to do a 43 but I don't know if there is an unengraved 42 out there that could be used as a base.

I'm also working on a unique 17 which I'll post up here once it's finished. 

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I couldn't decide between a gen 2 or gen 3 frame for my kj glock 19.  So in the spirit that is airsoft, I bought both guarder frames!


Went from this...



Nice and simple.


To this...




Super tacticool!


ETA.. wow.. sorry for the crappy quality pics! I'll try take some better ones soon.

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PureSilver, at first glance the rmr mount, which is a copy of the Dueck Defense RBU, seems a bit silly.  But when you consider that they are exactly that, BACK UP iron sights, they work for their intended purpose.  

If your dot goes down you can at least aim and make decent hits.  I've read one review of the real mount that said 25 yard effective hits are no issue and the super short sight radius isn't as bad as it may seem. 

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