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Glock Picture Thread

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Prime ZEV Dragonfly

I did a quick assembly of this beautiful slide, I'm amazed by the quality and finish!
The finish is simply amazing and it was a drop in fit, very rare these days!
It's highly recommended kit fellas... If you can find it ... BUY it!

Now I have to finish the G17L and BLU...









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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

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Have one myself, excellent quality! Just waiting for the zev trigger that ready fighter is releasing soon, the zev magwell and the mag release is on its way:)


What inner barrel length do you have wolf? Tried a 138mm barrel and it didn't work, the 113 MM. from maple leaf had also some issues, have currently a stock TM G34 inner barrel installed.

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Quick question for the lazy,


Are guarder steel parts like the frame and hammer housing for the KJW G23 compatible with the WE G19? I traded recently for a gen 4 WE and would like to know.

I also need a new slide for it (due to the previous owners *suitcasey* paint job) and if the internal steel parts are compatible, should I also get a steel slide or will an alu slide last just fine? Worried about corrosion mostly.

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I will be able to answer that question in maybe 2 weeks time or so as I am building a custom KJW x Guarder Glock 19 from scratch with all those parts and I am also curious to see if I can make those parts work in a WE G19 build.


I would suspect though that the WE is closer to the TM than the KJW is and so that you may actually want the TM spec inner frame and hammer assembly...


I will post back here once I know about the KJW parts though.


DJ should have a bit of insight as he has built a custom KJW x Guarder Glock recently. Not sure if he tried the parts in a WE setup though.



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KJW g23 and we g19 are not 100% compatible. KJW G23 slides will not work on we g19, KJW g23 frames will not work on the WE G19. I have a full steel KJW G23 and a regular HK3P (WE) G19, i can test the steel hammer components on the WE G19 tomorrow but I can guess that it isn't a drop in fit. I highly recommend that you stick with one brand and one type of metal:)

Ace 1 arms makes pretty good g19 slides for the we g19 (i have  the agency and the sai slide), if you want a traded WE g19 frame you can talk to jessica at Kic airsoft and she can get one for you. Ask for a Hk3P G19 frame (gen3) or a HK3P G23 frame (gen 4). You can even get a HK3P G19 slide if you want a slide with correct g19 markings, but that will cost you a few bucks...  

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Well, that's not good.

The main thing I wanted to do was stuff in a volante BBU. Is at least that possible? Or will I need to pick up a certain spec slide?


All in all though, I'm willing to do the work to make the parts fit. If the WE frame is too big for a TM spec slide fitment, I'll get some lapping compound and make it right.

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My first build. A Tokyo Marui Glock 17, Guarder frame and RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat Pistol slide kit.


It really was a drop-in fit, but that doesn´t take away the fact that my ham-fistedness made this a nightmare to install, but the end result is a beauty and it runs super smooth.


Cheers to NonEx for his youtube videos on frame disassmbly and re-assembly. They really helped with some bits that I wasn´t sure about doing unaided.

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Toothpick is a good tip to remove dirt from the markings. Also some modeling clay pressed in and removed (Swedish "Häftmassa") works well.

The markings are so thin and deep so the toothpick will not fit, but I will try the clay:) with my luck the clay will get stuck in the markings as well. Thanks for the tip though:)

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The markings are so thin and deep so the toothpick will not fit, but I will try the clay:) with my luck the clay will get stuck in the markings as well. Thanks for the tip though:)


Well when I used the clay I just dab it on like a lightning strike fast. *dab dab dab dab* :P


When press it in, take it off, roll it over. Trust me the markings on my custom engraved WE P228 are worse then those on your G42 kit :P 


And yes, toothbrush or nylon brush also works.


Just don't rub it with a t-shirt or a micro fiber cloth. Just gunks it up even more.

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