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Glock Picture Thread

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

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I got the aluminium ones.  I'm planning to game with these and they're not just for plinking.  I think I linked the wrong mk27 mod 2 slide above haha.


the slide w/ RMR is damn snappy (especially with the VFC Gen4 BBU).  The upgraded recoil springs at 120% are very useful.  The steel kit comes with 120% springs (the mod 2 version) but I don't think the steel slide would be as snappy.

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14 hours ago, Wingman said:

Actually I am liking that color for the front sight. Think I'll give it a try myself.

That color is very bright in dayligh or indoor light!, But before you need to paint the front sight with white nail enamel (I don't know why that kind of paint is very  durable) let it dry over the night and then use one coat of the neon orange (I use the nail enamel for the orange too) let it dry and then the second coat

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So, the Polymer80 licensed frames have been released.  I got one myself but don't have a fancy schmancy gucci slide for it right now, so for now the WE Model 17 slide shall have it's fun until I inevitably rip it off the frame and throw it back to the dusty parts bin where it belongs.

Pics of the frame first:


I've managed to drop in my WE internals without any issues, and I was told that the TM internals should fit without problems too.  Umarex ones require some modifications but apparently drop-in UX frames are being manufactured right now and they'll be available soon (at a slightly higher cost).  Installation was a breeze and the internals fit snug inside the frame itself.  The grip texture is...well, grippy.  You can really feel the texture vs the copy of the P80 frame:


The frame fits quite well in a Safariland holster:


The only issue I have with the frame is that my Surefire X300U-A light (the one with the pull-down lever for the locking mech) gets stuck on the picatinny rail dust cover.  There's nothing wrong with the dust cover on the P80 frame but I think its just a tolerance issue since the X300U-A I used had the piece that fits Glock frames perfectly vs the one that fits the picatinny rails.  I also have a Surefire X300U-B light and that one fits the P80 frame without any issues since it's a side clamp style locking mechanism:


I have the C&C Tac copy of the Overwatch Precision Tac trigger on mine too; was able to tune the trigger so that the trigger breaks at about the same point as the real triggers from what I've seen online.  I quite like it but they copied the safety design of the real trigger where there's quite a heavy spring to keep the safety spring tension and you'll run into issues if you run a stock trigger bar spring.  I used a SAPH 150% trigger spring and that seemed to work out, but I'd advise people to cut the safety spring down a couple coils for stock TM/WE/UX Glocks:


Now, the P80 frame from what I can tell isn't just a difference in looks and grippiness; I've taken a couple photos to compare the grip angle of the P80 frame with my 1911 and a Glock 17 frame and the P80's grip angle is pretty much the same as the 1911.  Those who may have done research into the real P80 frame might know this already (as I assume it's one of their selling points since the grip angle is 99% matched with my 1911) but I didn't so it's a pleasant surprise for me:







And since this is a Glock pic thread I'll throw in more pics of my Glocks because that's what y'all are here for:


^ That long, precious edge.


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