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Glock Picture Thread

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Posted Images

After a long time and a lot of fiddling I have gotten my classic KSC Glock 18C back. This gun is totally old school since the slide and frame are both from years ago. The gun has full trades on the frame as well as actual engraving on the slide. Putting a gun together like this is still not impossible but it is getting to be quite a challenge.


A bit more history about it, the entire upper unit came from ViciousV10's old Glock 18C (can be seen in many of his pictures). It's fun to know that the guns parts have a history to them. ViciousV10's also helped out recently by retuning the gun for me (thank you again). Anyway, this is the top of the line when it comes to KSC Glocks.


My current plan is to hang onto this since it took me so long to get together but I may eventually pass it on in favor of another project. If you are interested let me know.













KSC Glock 18C


SD Floating Valve

SD Feed Ramp

SD "Glock" Mag Base


Hidakaya Floating Valve Spring


RS Glock Mag Catch


Guarder Recoil Spring

Guarder Recoil Rod

Guarder Hammer Spring


PGC Hi Flow


KSC Glock 18C Outer Barrel (Metal/Engraved)

KSC Metal Slide (Engraved Trades/Beadblasted)


KSC Original 'Glock Trades' Frame

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Thanks a lot, Donut, this is exactly the Freedom Art Kit I was asking for. Not exactly the slide set that's supposed to go with the frame, but definitely an interesting variant. Nice.


Yep, no problem.

Picked it up a while back, totally worth it IMO. I tried to use the FA compensator, but it just didn't look right, it doesn't fit the profile, especially with the OD frame.

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Wasn’t quite sure where to ask this but I figured you lot would know.

I recently ordered a TM Glock 17 having seen all the great pictures in this thread. Still not entirely sure I made the correct desision, as the amount of upgrade parts seems limited compared to the TM P226 and KSC Glocks I was considering. But the TM Glock 17 seems best performance wise.


I am planning to add a metal slide, threaded barrel and silencer. However im having a job to find any uk based retailers that have said items in stock. Would be much appreciated if anyone could point me in the direction of any retailers I may have missed.


Sorry for lack of pics but im bound to have some up soon.


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I have heard of a few people having trouble with them but this example has been flawless so far. It may be that there were a few that came off the production line with issues. I am also impressed by the bead blasted finish on this. It has held up really well for a long time now.

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I decided to take more photos of my Glocks with better background. I don't have my G18C with me since it is being repaired.


KJW Glock 19


Old School frame that has Glock logo & Made in Austria logo (No longer made since they now have KJ markings now)

Creation Alumimum Glock 19 slide

Guarder Mag Catch (Real ones wont fit since it is based on the TM Glock 26/17)

Proud Mag Base Plate for KSC Glocks. (Had to modify it to fit on the KJW Mag)


So far I did not put any TM parts on it





KSC Glock 34


Old School frame that has Glock logo & Made in Austria logo

Boomarms Glock 34 slide

Guarder Mag Catch

Proud Mag Base Plate for KSC Glocks



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very nice.


I kick myself for not picking up one of those KJW G19's when TMC still had a bunch in stock...



Although nice looking, I wouldn't kick yourself too hard my friend. The two KJW full-trademarked G23s I had (and were even the heavy-weight frame KJW models) were poop compared to the feel and quality of a KSC 19.


Very nice photos Mike. It is nice to see a fully traded 19 that doesn't look like the hack-job my custom KSC full-trademarked 19 was....

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My first post :)


Tokyo Marui G34 Shuey Custom






Sorry for the cellphone quality photo.



Mate they're better pics than i take with a digital camera :D

Sweet shooter though mate ;)

Caspian slide is on its way for my KSC G17 yay cant wait.


*AL* aka Lofty

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­­ Thanks guys, but all credits go to hkssr20det and RSP, i did nothing to it, yet...


Parts list:

Prime/Boom Arms Shuey Custom Glock 34 Slide

Firefly Recoil Guide Rod w/ Bearings

Firefly Floating Valve (Aluminium)

Shooters Design Recoil Spring (150%)

Shooters Design Hammer Spring (150%)

Shooters Design Mag Release (Metal)

PDI Piston

PDI 6.05mm HiCapa length

Nine Ball Hop Up Rubber

Dawson Ice Magwell

RSP custom frame

RSP custom rear sights


And it also came with PDI 6.01, 9ball barrels and a FF soft hop up.


"High Quality" photo for you guys :P :



Edited by Firefly0
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eHobby Asia....Bought it as assembled, I think they sell it seperate too. But since I have no TM G17 to start I figure I might as well get it like that. Polished the 2 sides for effect....


The gun feels heavy and the slide is beefy as hell. I probably would've taken more material out of it for weight if I were them, but that would be extra machine time. I need to get a propane nozzle to try to shoot it, misplaced mine when I went to a meet last weekend....

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