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Glock Picture Thread

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

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That would be my guess as well, but it's still a guess. Perhaps one fits better while the other will fit loosely (but can be remedied)? The kit is a simple enough design with two points of security with some flexibility on the front rail screw. TM's slide is wider so there's a chance KSC/KWA could fit with some extra space. Of course this is just another guess which is why I'm looking for confirmation either way by someone that has actually tried.


It is okay to completely ignore me if you do not know for certain as if I can't quote you, it doesn't help me. :)

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points of view :)

thanks for the answer.

if someone have experience with the PGC glock slide, newer or older, please share.


I have the KSC G18c and I choose the PGC newer version ... I don't like that longer barrel poping out!

But the installation of the slide is alot more work than I thought! I needs alot of sanding almost everywhere!



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I never understood why when you buy something for a specific gun needs to sand it !!! I've started to install the Guarder kit for TM desert Eagle and it needs to dremel and sand almost everywhere!!! Shouldn't it fit like a glove?? Why do these companies say it's for a specific gun and they don't fit? Maybe it's the guns ... now I'm waiting some metal kit's for TM 1911 and WA guns, the only thing I'm hoping is not to require this much of work.



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My new TM Glock 17 Custom




Fitted with the TM nightsights from my previous Glock 17 and added grip tape to the top of the slide as being a left handed shooter i find it hard to use the slide release so i can just rack the slide to chamber the next round and return the slide to battery after reloading.


I may in the future I may stipple the frame and notch the trigger guard, but at the minute i'm waiting on a X300 replica and my Personal Secuirty systems holster.

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Hi I have one question.... Where can I find a 2 tone slide for KSC G18c?? Like the BoomArms/Prime Cobra slide!! I don't know any other company that had made 2 tone slides for G18c. The BA cobra is nowhere to be found ..! Please if anyone has seen anywhere drop me a PM.

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My two babies



Both are TM, both have trades, and both share the 17's magazines quite well. No bickering and fighting :blush:


Though the Glock 17 doesn't like the holster I have for the Glock 26 (Blackhawk CQB Sepra for Glock 17). It fits the Glock 26 very nicely, but is too small for the 17. Recommidations? (I'm a left shooter with a preference to belt/MOLLE mounted Plastic/Kydex. )


I'll try and get better picts when I have access to a better camera.

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