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Glock Picture Thread

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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

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They're called Magloc Glock Thumb Rests - that one is a TM one featured on their TM G17 Custom, but the real ones are made in Canada and have 3 different models. In the US they're sold at Brownell's.


Who doesn't ship to Denmark. :(

Some where, where i can buy Maruis version?

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Based on TM Glock17




-Shooters Design Shuey Custom Slide

-Airsoft Surgeon Loading Nozzle

-Laylax Dyna Pistonhead

-Shooters Design Hammerspring

-Laylax Hopup bucking

-Laylax/Prometheus 6,03 Innerbarrel

-Action Hammer 8mm Bearing

-Laxlax Strikeface

-Magpull Magazine endcap

-Laylax? Magwell

-Guarder Magazine catch

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Tapped holes in the slide, cut the bolts super short to clear, and basically glued them in with Loctite Red since the slide is so thin at that point. I dread changing the battery (although it's still working fine with the batteries that came with it, stays on 24/7).

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Apologies for the question but I am building an IPSC Glock based on a Marui Glock17C. I was just looking around for a scope mount base but I can not find anything except this: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ea-mako-tac-mount-for-glock-series-black.html


The real deal looks solid but this copy seems poorly built. Does anyone have any experience with installing a real Mako scope mount on his Glock?

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Revamped Tokyo Marui Glock 17. Added a 5KU compensated barrel and slide and brand new TM frame ($5 from eHobby Asia!) complemented with some upgraded internals. Cycles faster on the metal slide than it does on the plastic one! I have got a micro red dot and adaptor for it however the MRDS doesn't like to be adjusted for vertically so it's useless. :(


EDIT: Looks like the adjustment on my sight WAS doing something, doh! Either way it doesn't look like I'll be getting on with the set up, doesn't feel right to me at all and doesn't suit my stance. Up for sale it goes!

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