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And my first attempt at stippling is...not too shabby, as it turns out.

Stock TM frame finally breaks after so many years so this one is quick and dirty to keep down time minimal I didn't even completely knock down the stock texture on front/back straps   This is

My first glock, marui g17 foliage green with the guns modify SAI slide set. Phone picture.  

Posted Images

Update...detonator g17 slide does reqire modifications...


Part of the slide catches on the trigger bar and will need to be taken off for smoother trigger pulls...


Notice the wear on this part:






Second photo shows the shiny part that gets in the way of the trigger bar spring arm (where the spring hooks onto). Do notice where the slide is cut on the stock marui slide (right side).


I ended up dremeling that part off so it didnt cause unnecessary binding which hinders smooth operation.

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Material taken off from the slide.




V2 zero hammer




Pinky glock in a serpa holster for the g17. Still uses the stock slide. Modified the holster some to acommodate the marui plastic slide...




Detonator Trijicon Type Steel Night Sight (rear)













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So I've been a bit skeptical about Grip Force adapter for Glock, after trying to use TM's beavertail thing from the G17 Custom I thought that is way too bulky and just feels plain weird. But I always feels 17's grip is just a bit on the thin side up top right under the grip tang. After playing around with the G19, I definitely feel that G19 feels better as the grip swell is a bit further up and fills up your grip better than the 17's does. So I decided to give the adapter a try, and I have to say it does work pretty good for that purpose....it changes how it points a bit, but not nearly as drastic as the TM thing, and its barely noticeable in width....



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Whats the option for upgrading KJW G23's hop-up and inner barrel? Its a TM G26 clone and it doesn't fit with the Hop-up design that came after the G26. I figure there are rubber made for it, but what about inner barrel thats longer than G26 length?


I thought that the hop, and quite a few other bits, where TM G17 clones, and it was only the BBU and loading nozzle that where G26 clones? (don't rely on this)

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Nope, I took both my TM G17 and the KJW apart this morning, they are definitely not compatible. The 2 cut on the inner barrel that is used to secure it into the hop-up chamber is at different location, and the rubber itself is shorter. This is on top of the different chamber design also....

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Basically the KJW internals = the TMg26 internals. Both of those guns are slightly different from the g17 internals. I believed the reason for this is to replicate the real steel versions. The real steel version also has different dimensions around the outer barrel area (when you compare the g19/g26 VS. g17).


The main difference between the tmg26/kjg19 VS. tmg17 is the outerbarrel/hopup assembly. The BBU and nozzle are compatible (as are the majority of the lower internals).


For the tightbore, I think you can just grab a normal TM GBB barrel, cut/crown and cut new slots for the hop up chamber. That is what I plan to do. I didn't realize the hop up rubbers were actually different too but I swear I have heard people put in aftermarket TM GBB hop up rubbers with no issues. I'll have to look into that when I have my g17 with me.


For those of you who want a g19 build but don't want to deal with KJW, you can build it off a TMG26 if you plan on replacing a lot of parts. However, I still can't find the "steel rail mount"/lower front rails by guarder anywhere online. If anyone finds it in stock at any of the main asian retailers, let me know. My KJW front rails has been worn down by the steel outer barrel and is causing binding issues. Once I replace the front internal rails, I will have a full TM g19.


Also, I'm not entirely positive but I think the WE G19 is completely replicated after the g17, meaning the hop up unit and outer barrels are compatible with TMG17 but not the KJg19/tmg26. However, this also means that the WE G19 is slightly off in dimensions in comparison to the real steel. I think this would also mean upgrades by guarder for the kjg19 probably won't work on the we g19 (like the frame, the dimensions of where the front pin goes is the main issue).

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Whats the option for upgrading KJW G23's hop-up and inner barrel? Its a TM G26 clone and it doesn't fit with the Hop-up design that came after the G26. I figure there are rubber made for it, but what about inner barrel thats longer than G26 length?


They take VSR rubbers, but VSR barrels need filing to fit.


EDIT: Saw your most recent post, Racingmaniac, that's weird. I fit a Nineball rubber to mine with no problems.

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QD you're gonna have to explain that one a bit lol. None of my RS Magpul baseplates fit my TM G17 mags...

What aznriptide859 said. I have some Vickers Tactical Glock plates, and they won't fit TM or KSC/KWA Glock mags. I can't see how regular RS Glock mags would fit either.


Sorry for the wait guys. The city Im in doesnt allow airguns unless theyre part of a carnival. My elephant is on its way from eHobby but it may still be a bit.


These are the real steel Magpul speedplates on the Glock magazines. I took these on my phone but you should be able to see the modifications I made to them. A lot of the flash is from wear but one of the nine plates got a little too warm and has a rough texture. Beyond that, they work great! They only needed to shrink approx 1mm to stay on coming out of pouches.



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Tokyo Marui Glock 17

FMA Lower Receiver for TM Glock 17/18C

PGC Metal Slide (sanded/polished)

Detonator Steel Trijicon Sights

Detonator Custom Dual Stage Recoil Guide Rod Assembly

GunsModify Adjustable CNC Aluminum Trigger

AIP Enhanced Hammer Spring


Something a bit different I guess?!

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The frame came in like that. It was a bit shiny when it was new but now its not as shiny anymore..it doesn't really matter as its pink. Bought it from ebairsoft for about $22 shipped. It turned a few heads when i brought it out at a local cqb field. Haha!


Did minimal filing on the PGC slide and a lot of sanding/polishing. The reason I did that was because the silver finish was uneven!!! There was a streak that ran on one of the sides and over the top...plus the sheen of the silver/gray ended up being affected...as it was in 2 different shades. If it hadn't been for that...I'd have left the slide alone as this one is now a magnet for finger prints.


Since someone mentioned multicam....why not?






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Thanks sacairsoftsn00py; I showed that pic to my wife and she loves it!


I'm going to have to make one, though I only rock with HK3 G series pistols. I just picked up a PGC G17 slide/barrel set & a G18c SD titanium slide/barrel set for my HK3s. Looks like I'm going to be picking up a 2 tone slide/barrrel set...

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No Prob dude :)


The PGC slide is a good buy for the price. I still like my Detonator slide better though...but for the price...PGC works well.


Do note that you may need to sand down part of the post where the screw that holds down the front rail for the slide as i had to on mine. The frame is plasticky...but its pink right? The plastic around the screw holes took the screws in just fine....the walls didn't crack on me. Also, the magazine locks into place with a positive click which is more audible than when you insert a magazine into a marui frame. Very minimal play on the mag with it inserted. The holes for the pins may require lining up when installing the frame for the hammer. I did not have to do any modifications to make things fit but I had to press down hard on the rear rail frame and use one of my drivers to get things lined up for the pin. The pin holes were on the tighter side but the pins will slide in when a rubber mallet is used to tap/drive em in. Over time...it will loosen from take down and reassembly so no big deal.


Ill have to look into the hk3 gbbs on the next build as itll cut the cost down some. Then again, I may just do one more Glock 17 based build and just swallow it one more time'

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