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SIG Picture Thread

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Nice one Jonny. For my money there's no sexier (or more accurate) replica than the KSC Sig Pros. However, they are not great shooters and it's impossible to find magazines for them. Still love mine but it's just not very practical unfortunately.

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Just finished my Guarder slide and barrel for my TM P226. I literally filed my fingers to sore but it was well worth it.

Btw, the guarder Slide and Frame set that usually costs around $120 is available at ebhobbyasia for $65!


The magazine is the SY marui clone, was 18 bucks, works fine. (Well, except the 6mm markings)








But might change the frame as well soon, but it's a lot of work and regulations in germany suck. I have to send it to the local weapons department and get it restamped and retested what is about another maybe 80 bucks.

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Was the slide really bad to fit?

I want to pick up another one of these eventually, I never should have sold my first one :(


The slide itself is great und fits perfect, but you need to file down the sides of the blowbackunit.

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My G&G is currently one of my two primaries (along with my P90). It is by far the nicest of my Sigs. The ICS was kind of a letdown, but I may still use it more often the the G&G in the future just because it is lighter and more maneuverable and overall more manageable. The downside to using such a big scope with it is that I have to remove the scope in order to access the battery, which is kind of a pain.



I finally got the family together for a group picture.



When you put too many mags together and then try to attach too many Sigs to them, the mags are more likely to crack. After cracking one when I attached 4 of them together and was holding a quadruple Sig, I decided to avoid doing so again. Also, holding 4 airsoft guns that are attached by their mags is awkward and heavy, especially when the G&G with the scope and stuff weighs something like 13lb alone. It's also really weird when you're loading the gun onto the mags instead of loading the mags into the gun...






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This is the older version. It's more of a satin black finish.

The 2009 verson (had that one as well) of more of a matte gungray finish.


But the overcall quality is great and it fits and works without any filing or fitting whatsoever.


This is the new verions slide on a stock marui frame.




So actually, the older blacker version is closer to the real steel finish.

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It's the ICS cheek rest. It doesn't quite fit right on the G&G, especially when the stock is folded (i.e. the stock does not fold and lock when it is on). I haven't fiddled with my SIGs recently, but from what I remember, the way that it fits and the location of the front pin relative to the hole in the cheek rest makes me realize the minor differences between each of the brands that you would not otherwise notice. It does work excellently at elevating my eye to the level of the scope that was on there (which is currently with my AW338, since it seemed awkwardly big on the SIG 550 among other reasons). At some point soon, I'll have a new family picture, since the family has grown since those pictures.

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