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SIG Picture Thread

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Same, I thought you had cut the rail front away and the light was just put next to it :P.


But damn it do I want a P226 E2. Can't wait til I can move and get a defence that shops will accept (because sites / players vouching for you and pictures that stretch the last 3 years are nothing compared to a soding piece of signed paper from a site <_<).



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My Sig Sauer P230s.. One in a rare Zeke metal kit with correct trades, the other stock. Unfortunately when I received the Zeke P230 it was missing parts so the next P230 is here as a donor gun. Fantastic things, love them!




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Gorgeous weapons - I'd definitely put the silver Shooters Design kit on the non-Zeke example, it's still available and looks gorgeous. How do they shoot? They're only rated at 240fps or so, plus you've got that KSC hop-up to contend with...

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The trouble is I need to steal parts from the non Zeke example to restore the Zeke to full shooting capability. Only a few parts but unfortunately they're pretty crucial! :( It's a spares and repair pistol unfortunately. 


As for shooting unfortunately I can't say, the stock P230 seems to shoot well on a short 5-6m range. I've not had a chance to test it further! I won't be shooting it much further than that to be honest, it'll mainly be used for plinking and very rare secondary. I've got a Hi-Capa as my main sidearm!

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seems to be the only thread this could belong. its not exactly fitting for any of the sniper rifle pic threads being that it is a proprietary system. anyway, did a little work lately to the barrel of my R93 and made a suppressor for it. 1.5inches ended up a bit thick, but it was the best american size i could fine that fit over the 30mm flash hider. added a little length and plugged the suppressor up with a stubby foamed suppressor i had. its all just pressure fit with electrical tape, but turned out really good.


pre paint job though, so there is still printed words on the side of the can. i chose ABS instead of PVC so i wouldn't have to prime it, but mainly because its already black so i can be a little lazy when i get around to painting it. just gonna sand and spray black. would pass as an early integrated .338 suppressor though right? dont know how quiet it will end up being, i did fire it, but my cylinder lacks compression. its a really old one that never been servaced passed when an upgraded spring guide was installed a little over a year ago. so it was only pushing like 300FPS at best. but it was quiet with that.






still trying to decide if im going to make the Mr30 stock for it.

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You're so used to WE, a PGCd TM blows you away heh.


Come on now. The WE hate has been going to whole new levels on here lately and it seems to be getting worse by the day.


I said it looked nice, not sure how that translates to blown away and in comparison a WE. But whatever.


Just please try to not make everything about WE hate.

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It's not hate.  It's just if you're used to handling WEs, a PGC kit is just a higher level of quality.


Your choice of smiley led me to believe you were surprised at the quality, thats all.


Also, WE smells :P

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Parts list:

Tokyo Mauri SiG P226 (railed) base gun
PGC SiG P226 Navy (non railed) slide and frame
Guns-Modify Trijicon tritium night sights
Prime dummy firing pin
Shooters Design steel valve knocker
Guarder steel takedown lever
Guarder 150% recoil spring
Tokyo Mauri E2 magazine x2
WE P-virus extended magazine
RS Hogue P226 grips (no finger grooves)
RS Sig Sauer pistol case
Frog Lube
Hand cut grip tape panels

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