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SIG Picture Thread

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The 556 is undeniably a SIG rifle, just with improved ergonomics and functions. I prefer (by a BIG margin) the old school looks of the 550-552 but the 556 is an improvement.


If I were to request a SIG rifle, it would be the 556. Stanag mags and bolt closure... It simply is better.

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SIG Sauer P226 West German (Herndon-1989) (Marui/PAC Custom)                        

Here we go with a little family foto I took a few months ago All kinds of SIGs: Left to right, top to bottom: Western Arms GSR VFC P320-M17 KSC P2022 Inokats

Oh right, SIG picture thread, so this can go here : GHK SIG 553 GBB:

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One word: gorgeous.


Edit: How's the build quality? I was thinking of picking one up before, and I may just have to do that. However, $400 is rather steep, though it is a unique kit indeed.

Build quality is good overall, be aware that the lower receiver is not a one piece lower though, it is infact two halves.

there are a few niggles, but overall, i'm quite pleased with it. I'm writing a review atm where i will go deeper into them, but it's progressing slowly with having little time, i expect to have more to time to complete it this weekend though. so bear with me.


First of all, I'm completely jealous of you.


That having been said, is that bottom foregrip rail removeable?

The 3 rails on the 556 handgaurds are all molded on the handgaurd and thus non removable.



been playing around abit after seeing amateurstuntmans 556 :P


I had some plans with mine, but seeing as i do quite fancy the 552 front on it, i think might have to work my plans around a RAS upgrade aswell, since the siderails on the 556 won't allow you to put on a full length railcover :(

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Its a PGC non-railed kit. I have been in love with them forever, but they were discontinued. PGC just released a new batch of them and I was able to buy one the first day they were available on redwolf. I also installed a Guarder steel barrel, nineball tightbore, guarder springs and real steel grips. She is my pride and joy.

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Ok so just what about that gun is Sig now?


It looks even more like an odd M4 variant!! argh!!!! lol



Errr, everything except the muzzle device and the stock.


It doesn't say anywhere that the M203 has to be on an AR variant, the RAS is a copy of the B+T RAS not an airsoft affectation.

I like it, I think it will look pretty good when it is painted tan/FDE.


On that note, I am pretty sure the stock is FDE and not OD at all.


Lovely gun.

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