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SIG Picture Thread

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SIG Sauer P226 West German (Herndon-1989) (Marui/PAC Custom)                        

Here we go with a little family foto I took a few months ago All kinds of SIGs: Left to right, top to bottom: Western Arms GSR VFC P320-M17 KSC P2022 Inokats

Oh right, SIG picture thread, so this can go here : GHK SIG 553 GBB:

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That's wonderful -Clover-. When you say the make is TM/Prime, does it mean it's based on a TM P226 internals and a Prime kit or?


Yeah, it's the Prime MBK. It's got a mix of TM P226 and KJW P229 internals.


@SamJacksonFan: yeah, it wasn't cheap, but definitely worth the cost. The quality of the kit is superb.

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@Donut; Those 2 P210... inspired by Madlax?:)


Heh, you know it :P

Trying to get some more mags and wood grips on them. They shoot wonderfully; the only problem I have with it is the 13rd capacity and the Euro-release, not exactly a great combination in CQC.

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Thanks :) They're thinner than the stock grips I had on the KJW P229 I used to own. I will say the Hogue-rubber is thicker than the grips that came with the Prime-kit. I can't say whether they are RS-spec (the standard grips I mean) but they were MUCH thinner than the grips from the KJW P229. I can post pictures if you need further clarification.


I have bigish hands so the size is actually perfect for me.

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