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SIG Picture Thread

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SIG Sauer P226 West German (Herndon-1989) (Marui/PAC Custom)                        

Here we go with a little family foto I took a few months ago All kinds of SIGs: Left to right, top to bottom: Western Arms GSR VFC P320-M17 KSC P2022 Inokats

Oh right, SIG picture thread, so this can go here : GHK SIG 553 GBB:

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Okay, I'm sick of running Hicaps in my G&G 552. Does anyone know of the specifics to get the MAG midcaps to work? It's not the same as the ICS mod, and no matter what I do to them, the BBs will still jam after 5-10 shots, every time.


Any help is appreciated.



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Thanks again to Squad 701 for delivering me this nice kit :)


It is still WIP but here are some details about the SAI MK-25:

RS spiral firing pin retaining pin (cutted)

RS grip screws

RS support plate

RS take down lever nickel

RS magwell grips

RS main spring seat




New sights (don't know yet which, RS ones won't fit without heavy filling and drilling, however RS front sight works with minor filling, as you can see on the MK24)

RS magwell grips

Get the take down lever black or buy the black version

Replace the action spring guide rod with Guarder black version



Oh and don't ever buy an action spring guide rod for the P226 series, it is too long.. I had to turn it down on a lathe  :wacko:








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What are peoples thoughts on extended P226 mags.  Go with the Ready Fighter conversion kits or just get WE P Virus ones?


I had the Ready Fighter version - the threads that hold the screw inside the upper shell stripped off after a while. I'm not certain if it was due to the extension as I've had the threads stripped off on other P226R magazines before from "normal" use, but the extra weight probably didn't help. I stopped using after that as I found no functional advantage using it (it's fine if you're just getting it for looks). The threads in all of my E2 magazines have held together just fine, but the extension appears as though it won't fit on the E2.

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