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WE P08 Luger 4" Full Metal GBB

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I had one for a few. While the temp was supposed to be 70 degrees, it was overcast and cold outside.



Chrono Results: Toytec .20, Green Gas, 70 degrees indoors. XCortech Chrono.


1 - 285.9

2 - 285.8

3 - 281.9

4 - 281.3

5 - 282.3

6 - 280.0

7 - 280.6

8 - 281.5

9 - 282.4

10 - 280.6


Avg - 282.23


I bet numbers would normally be around 300.


You can check out the rest of my opinion here.

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necro but i was wondering what kind of threading was on the barrel and if some one could answer my previous question if the threading can be addapted to take your standard aeg flashider/suppressor/pfi?



I own the 4in WE luger and it does not fit the standard 14mm accessories. I am guessing that WE will eventually sell a silencer for the luger because when I ordered my luger there were no spare magazines for sale but now they sell the spare mags. I'd like it if they sold the luger with 2 mags like they sell the new 1911s.

Also with my luger when it came the front sight was loose and it eventually fell off from the recoil but I fixed it with some superglue.

My luger has been very accurate and the hopup was adjusted right out of the box. I have shot 2in groups at 20feet.

I would say that this is not a good combat pistol because it only holds 16 bbs.

Another thing about the luger that bothers me is that to reach the mag release you have to shift your hold on the gun witch is a bother if you want to do quick magazine changes. Maybe its just my hands are a bit small for the gun.

All in all I think it is a good gun and its the best airsoft luger you can get.

If you are a fan of lugers or of ww2 guns then I say get it.

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I hate to necro post, but this is the review that made me buy a WE P08 4" Luger. The thing is sweet, and man it is very accurate (my favorite part about it). It is so accurate that originally I wanted to just plink with it occasionally, but now it will have a spot in my loadout somewhere (especially Vietnam era)!


I wouldn't even make a review of my own though, because this review is perfect. I just wanted to add this:


My WE P08 did NOT come with a thread barrel. I know earlier models did, so it is my belief that they have changed this as I got mine March 2011.


Also, I want to mention that some people are having trouble finding mags for these (or used to) and if you find TSD P08 magazines, they are the same (some people do not know this, I did not at first). They do make a drum mag now too.

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