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G36 Picture Thread

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Well I have a genuine Magpul stock installed on mine. :)

also installed a G36 carrying handle and RAS (NitroVo style) both ACM.

I am really impressed with the finish of the RAS, the carrying handle is not to impressive, but the scope sight is quite wel done.






don't mind the junk. :D

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I don't mind the MagPull stock, but I personally prefer the look of the stock stock.

(Haha, stock stock :D)


I had a really cheap LPEG G36c but gave it to my mate when I got a GBB.

Within a week of giving it to him, the stock had "snapped off".



I couldn't believe it!

They are really good-looking guns.



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That's a beauty, Maverick! What silencer is that?

And a request: IIRC someone posted an SL-8 with the long SL-9 rail and an ACOG in the previous G36 thread. Anybody still got that pic? I'm curious what it would look like.


Its a King Arms silencer. Unfortunately, I sold the silencer and traded the red dot, so it looks pretty much stock now. They went to a good cause though...a G&P m203 for my m4. (got it for $50 and my red dot) Also I lost my extra mag for it, while running for my life after a bunch of people found me snooping >_>.



You must be a bit bigger than me to use that as a backup :P


And great G36, NeoVenom, I really like the look of the MagPull stock on it :)


Lol I didnt mean I carry it on my back, I'll use if I have a problem with my KWA m4 *knocks on wood*.

Its my main CQB because my m4 shoots 400fps, way too hot for CQB.

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Nice G36 Neo, Is the NitroVo rail the same length as the standard G36K.

I have been rolling around the idea of a RIS M203 on my G36K :P and I figured that Nitro rail would be my best be to successfully accomplish something of the sort.

Yes it's the same length (give or take a few mm's)

But I bought the RAS at Gunners'. It's also CNC'ed but it cost only have of that of NitroVo's.

The quality is amazing! Or maybe I just got lucky :D

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