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G36 Picture Thread

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After seeing these variants, I'm wanting to mod my G36C into a K version maybe... With sliding HK stock. But I still want to keep my original G36C... The choices the choices!! :o

Buy the ACM G36K conversion, and the sliding stock. Don't worry about the differing Inner Barrel lengths, it shouldn't make a difference

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I know where to get the front end conversion from, but can someone send me a link to the stock? (preferrably European site, don't feel like paying a lot of postage)


Also, I cannot decide on the G36K front end or the normal G36 front end... So many options, only one gun... Maybe... ;)

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Its a m4 mag converter and one of these things




(The Badgers best guess, might not be true)


Badger is 100% correct. Wish I could say that I manufactured a mag catch for an AK mag, but I'm not that innovative. It does look cool though, IMO.


When I go prone, I'll just shoot it sideways, John Woo style :)

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That magazine looks horrible with the G36, IMO. That and I'm not a fan of M4 stocks on G36's, either.


Ew :crazy:


This post sounds like I'm being really mean. I'm not. ... I think...


Think of owning a Ferrari then painting it a different colour using thick lead paint, its the same thing when you stick M4 stuff on a G36 ;)

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