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G36 Picture Thread

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SHOWEN can I get a picture of the other side of the rifle, I'm looking at the stock, how is that battery bag attached? Looks better than normal.


Like the look of that ACOG on that 36C triggerhappy :)


Right view



Top view



The battery bag fixed by cable ties.


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got some new bits today


the scope is marui made and is fantastic; it has a great viewing area, is 3-9zoom and the front is adjustable for different distances.


on the way is the full length with bipod, a silencer and also the carry handle.


it shall be my airsoft lego set.

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Current G36 project, a KSK-ish AG36, chopped carry handle, just need to do a slapon paintjob, throw a EOtech on there, rewire to the back, put a new spring in, add in a tightbore, and shes ready.





TM G36c (Stock)



G36 KSK Variant on the left, with an ugly, but effective wrap on it:



How it looks without it:




TM G36c (way too many things in it to list, I have had this since I started playing and is in excellent shape and shooting condition)

CA Optics bridge (with my own rail mod, and a STAR sling point on the right side, lefties for the win)


G&P KV Stock


Some older pictures of the above:



And I realized i have no pics of it in original form lol.

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Wow, didn't think I would get so many responses like that, I just assumed its use was obvious...


No, that PB4 is not for Paintballs, or BBs, or Flour, or anything like that. They are the best nades for launcing nerf vortexes.


Too bad they cost an assload, but they are still very effective.

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hey guys bit of an odd request but i was wondering does anyone have any pics of a 36c with a 36k flash hider? I apologise if ones already been shown but work filter most picture sites :-( any pics of that would be cool. Cheers, millest

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Just took a quick one with my cell but you get the idea...


the k hider is actually kind of annoying to fit on to the c barrel, in this pic ive just rested it on there, not screwed it on. It would be possible i think but yeah, kind of annoying.



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well the end of the K barrel has a much longer section of thread and the flash hiders thread doesnt start till a ways up the tube. the opening has this metal ring thing that blocks the flash hider from going over the end of the barrel. To fit it on you will have to take out the silver bit.


The pictures tell the better story:






Personally i prefer the k length grip more than the c but yeah you are right, the k flashhider does look good on the end of the c

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