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G36 Picture Thread

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Has anyone tried a Magpul PTS CTR Carbine stock on a G36 yet? Interested in what it would look like.




Oh and @ above questions (I didn't even click the link earlier so I didn't even notice my own weapon!)


I got it second hand, but it is a fluted barrel extension much like the one Hurmekyna pointed out, except a longer version of it. It is a PDI Fluted Outer barrel. Not the APS or PSG-1 version, just the outer barrel.

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I like the clones.


Had a CA, gave me nothing but electrical trouble

Had a SRC, gave me nothing but build trouble

Had Star optics but those are horrible


The clones are compatible with everything and works.


I bought the site of HKparts.net. Cost me the same as an EOtech or any other real gun sight. I just got fed up with wasting my money on chinese garbage optics.


I already modded the body so it just slide right on. The JG mounts were too wide and airsoft G36 handles are longer than the real one. So I had to drill a new hole in the JG post.

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heres some pics of mine from earlier on in the thread, i know its qouting pics but thought it was worth it for your needs



my g36 with pmag, m4 adaptor, acog red dot and zombie silencer.

also showing my themold mags and TM tracer unit :D



internals are stock apart from a system piston and piston head, considering the short barrel its spot on for range, though acuracy does suffer. time to order myself a twisted TM barrel to see if that helps with the acuracy :D




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